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What is the accumulation of positive or negative charges on insulators or conductors?

Static Electricity

What are the two types of ESD failures?

Intermittent/Upset, Catastrophic

What is the simple theory of ESD control?

No charge, no discharge

ESD occurs through on/off switches, mishandling of components, and between what type of materials?

Materials kept at different potentials

What are the 4 principles of ESD control?

1 Design Products immune from effects of ESD

2 Eliminate or reduce the generation and accumulation of electrostatic discharges

3 Protect components by using proper packing and transportation

4 Dissipate or neutralize electrostatic charges with proper grounding and use of conductive or dissipative materials

What is the most important and first step taken for controlling ESD during troubleshooting?

Use of antistatic wrist straps

What provides an electrical connection between the wearers skin and the ground?

Wrist Strap

What material are grounded wrist straps made of?

Conductive material

What is the resistor value that is in series with the strap to ground?

One megohm

How should the wrist strap be worn?

In contact with the skin

Why does a wrist strap have a quick release mechanism?

To release in emergencies

What are the 3 most common kinds of wrist strap cuffs?

Elastic adjustable, metal expansion, hook and loop

If a wrist strap fails the resistance check during testing, what should be done next?

Must replace the faulty component and retest the strap before use

Since wrist straps do not protect from electric shock, when should you not use a wrist strap?

When power is applied to the equipment or cabinet

What are hand-held test tools used to test and troubleshoot cables within a LAN including twisted pair and coaxial cables?

LAN Cable testers

What does the "wake up" button do on the LAN test tool?

Controls the display backlight

What is the only exception to never connecting the LAN test tool to an active network?

Except when monitoring network activity

Which mode allows TDR analyzer tests?

Single Test

What is attenuation?

Decrease in signal strength over the length of a cable

What is the undesirable signal transmission from one cable pair to another nearby pair?


What is the most common cause of cable faults?

Poor cable connections

What can a multimeter be used as?

Voltmeter, ammeter, ohmmeter

What does the blue digital shift button do on a multimeter?

Shift between functions

Where is the range switch located on an analog multimeter?

Lower center

What does the hold button do on a multimeter?

Freezes the present reading on the display

Which button zeros the display and stores the present reading to find the difference between it and a second reading on a multimeter?

Relative mode button

What must you you first do with a shorting probe when testing resistance, continuity, diodes, or capacitance with a multimeter?

Attach leads to the multimeter

Which type of measurement are you going to use the A/mA/COM ports on a multimeter?


What can lead to a multimeter blowing its fuse?

Place the probes across a powered circuit when a lead is plugged into the A or mA

What is the apparent displacement of an object caused by a change in the position from which it is viewed, or the apparent shift in the position of a foreground object relative to background objects due to the motion of the observer?


In what order do you attach the probes to a test point when taking measurements with a multimeter?

Black probe to common, red to test point

How is voltage measured across a circuit with a multimeter>

Across the circuit in parallel

When measuring voltage or current with a multimeter, what do you do just prior to energizing the circuit?

Attach the probes to the test points

What must you do to the circuit under the test when measuring current with a multimeter?

Open the circuit

What must be done to a diode before testing with a multimeter?

Electrically isolated

What must be done specifically with the probes when testing diodes with a multimeter>

Reverse the probes

What are the voltage drops for germanium and silicon diodes?

.3v germanium, .7v silicon

What does the multimeter send through the diode to measure the voltage drop

sends current

What obvious things should be done or checked first prior to T/S?

Check for good connections, clean contacts, blown fuses, burned out components

Which T/S method has technical manuals defining a set procedure to follow based on particular symptoms?


What is the half split method and who should be the only ones to use it?

Starting trouble shooting in the middle, experienced technicians

Where are todays circuits often contained on?

Circuit boards

What is the volts/dic knob used to adjust on the o-scope?


What is the first step that should be taken before testing high voltage equipment (300v+) using an o-scope?

Follow proper safety precautions

What is 1-to-1 probe going to display on the o-scope?

Voltage equal to the voltage of the circuit being tested

Why would you let the scope warm up for a few minutes?

So that voltages in all the internal circuits become stabalized

Which direction do you turn the adjustment screw on the probe for an overcompensated and an under-compensated waveform respectively?

clockwise, counterclockwise

What are some measurements an o-scope can be used for?

Time, phase, amplitude, other waveform characteristics

How is amplitude measured on the graph of an o-scope?


What is the waveform display useful for determining on an o-scope?

Signal distortion, phase shift, modulation factor,frequency, peak-to-peak

When can a faulty circuit card be swapped out with a known good card and why?

Once fault can be isolated, swapping cards is very expensive and should not be done without first troubleshooting to isolate first.

What dial on the analog power meter should be set to the highest setting possible to avoid damaging the meter?

The range

What dial on the analog power meter provides a means for calibrating the instrument according to the frequency of the power signal being measured or compensates for the frequency of an input signal?

Cal factor dial

What does the sensor port provide on the digital power meter?

Provides input connection for the power sensor via the power sensor cable

What power sensor must be connected to the power meter in order to connect a 30dBm attenuator?


What are the 2 power range dials for the power meter and what are their ranges?

8481a (-25dBm to 20dBm) and 8484A (-65dBm to -25dBm)

What is over ranging capability of the digital power meter?


What must be verified with the fuse of the power meter before powering it on?

Check the range

What does a power meter give automatic and manual measurements of?

Radio freq and microwave power levels

What are the two ways a power meter takes measurements?

Directly or indirectly

Which type of measurement has the power meter connected directly between the transmitter output (RF source) and the load (such as an antenna)?

Direct measurements

What are the 2 types of RF power that can be measured directly by the power meter?

Incident power, reflected power

What direction does the arrow on the attenuator need to be pointing towards when measuring incident and reflected power respectiviley?

Incident power, rotate arrow towards the load, reflected toward RF power source

What are two bridge circuits used with indirect power measurements (microwave freq)?

Detection bridge, compensation and metering bridge

What are some of the pulse parameters the pulse generator provides full control over?

Timing, Levels and edges

What of the pulse generator must be connected to the protective conductor of the power cable?

Exposed metal chassis

Which pulse generator transistor mode involves reverse recovery times of transistors and diodes?


Which pulse generator transition mode involves stress tests of capacitors and thyristors?


Which pulse generator transition mode involves simulation of bandpass filtered signals such as data transmission over telephone lines?

Cosine-shaped (gaussian)

Which pulse generator transition mode involves clock generation and IC chips?


Who leaves their CAC card in the classroom most often?

Milky Wilky

Which pulse generator transition mode involves reduction of relations and crosstalk?

Linear variable

Which pulse generator transistor mode involves simulating degraded pulses?

Cosine-Shaped (digital)

What is adjustable via the LEVEL control on the pulse generator?

-20v to +20v

What mode on the pulse generator is similar to the linear mode, except that the edges become con-sinusoidal in shape?

Gauss mode

Which operating mode on the pulse generator has a external signal that enables the period generator?


What do RF signal generators produce?

Alternating current for a set freq, amplitude and modulation, to assist in the troubleshooting faults

What are calibrated networks of resistors called?


What produces an audio (or video) modulating signal that can be superimposed on the RF signal produced by the oscillator in an RD signal generator?


What piece of test equipment has applications that include ballistics and navigation?

universal frequency counter

What does the universal freq counter measure?

Freq, period, period average, time interval, time interval average, ratio

What happens if you exceed the 5v maximum limit for the "C" channel input signal on the universal freq counter?

Inline fuse may open (blow)

What are catastrophic failures also known as?

Hard failures

Define direct failure

Component is damaged to the point here it no longer functions correctly.

define latent failure

ESD weakens a component to the point where it still functions correctly during testing, but fails during normal operation

What is the cuff?

The conductive end which makes contact with the wearers skin (contains a resistor)

What is the ground cord

Connects the cuff to a common point ground. releases in emergencies

How do you maintain the antistatic wrist strap?

Cleaning, inspecting, testing

wrist straps provide an electrical connection between the wearers skin and_______________


The usual resistor value of a wrist strap?

1 megohm

Three main components of a wrist strap

cuff, ground cord, ground connection

Who is the duty section 1 watchful coordinator?


When should you wear an antistatic wrist strap?

whenever working with ESDS components and equipment

Do antistatic wrist straps reduce your risk of electrical shock?


Is warm up necessary with a multimeter?


When troubleshooting with a multimeter, the primary control you will use is?

The function selection

What zeros the display and stores the present reading as a reference on a multimeter?

The relative mode button

What feature on a multimeter provides an audio signal or buzzer to indicate a short

continuity signal button

On a multimeter what button freezes the present reading on the display, where it will remain until pressed again

HOLD button

What must you do before taking a resistance measurement with a multimeter?

zero that poop, ensures accurate readings

Test leads can add how many OHM of error to resistance measurements

.1 OHM TO .2 ohm

What should you do to measure current with a multimeter?

open the circuit under test then place the meter in series with the circuit

Voltage drop for germanium


voltage drop for silicon


When using a multimeter to follow a defined procedure, you will compare_______

actual voltage, current or resistance readings to values given to you in the tech manual

What is the most widely used piece of electronic test equipment?

The oscilloscope

What is essentially a voltmeter that measures voltage with respect to time and displays the results graphically?


What is used to position the trace signal vertically on the screen?

The vertical position control

Which control allows adjustments of the input signal amplitude to a level that prevents distortion from occuring


What when pushed pulls the beam onto the screen so you can use the horizontal and vertical position controls to center the signal

beam find control

What determines the period time of the display waveform?


What control would you use to compare signals from two inputs?

Horizontal position control

What do you use to stabilize the display of the complex waveforms?


What should you do with an oscilloscope before taking measurements?

ground that poop

Which probe offers little or no attenuation of the signal under test?

1 to 1

Which probe can measure high-amplitude signals that would overdrive the vertical amp if connected directly to the oscilloscope?


Why do you let the scope warm up for a few minutes?

So that voltages in all of the internal circuits become stablized

What measurements can an scope be used for ?

Time, phase,amplitude, and other wave form characteristics

When measuring period peak, peak to peak of a sine wave what should the time base and volts/div be set to?

time 1ms/division, volts/div to 5 volts

Who likes learning about test equipment for 4 days?

No one you idiot

How do you keep someone awake during class that is falling asleep.

Pass gas in or around the facial region of said person