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Chief Engineer (CHENG)
Head of the Engineering Dept responsible, under the CO, for the operation, care, and maintenance of all propulsion and auxiliary machinery, the control of damage
Dept Head
Main Propulsion Assistant (MPA
Operation, care, and maintenance of the ship’s propulsion machinery and such other auxiliaries as may be assigned
Engineering Officer of the Watch (EOOW)
Responsbile for the proper performance of engineering plant and safety while underway
Engineering Duty Officer (EDO)
Responsible to the CDO for the watches and care of equipmaent while inport.
Cold Iron watch/In-port equipment monitor
Maintains watch on operating auxiliary systems and equipment
Sound and Security watch
Conducts a continuous patrol of unmanned spaces taking periodic soundings of tanks and spaces
Oil King/Water King
Responsible for the water and fuels onboard
Gas Free Engineer
Responsible for the testing of all spaces that may have been overrun by gases. Only the gas free engineer can certify space safe to enter
The DCA is the Gas Free Engineer
Fire Marshall
Responsible to the CDO for the inport Fire Party
Engineering log
A complete daily record of events involving engineering.
Engineering bell book
Contains all changes of speed to the ship’s main engines in RPM and other orders received by the throttleman regarding propellar RPM
Liquid load plan (draft report)-
Contains draft of ship forward, aft, and mean draft
Daily fuel and water report
- Report of ship’s liquid load, including amount of fuel, lube oil, and water on hand
Naval Ships’ Technical Manual (NSTM)-
Manuals containing instruction and guidance concerning shipboard procedures, equipment repairs, testing, and overall management of materials, equipment and systems