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To provide central decision making point during battle situations. To provide for the orderly movement of
the ship during battle.
Command and Ship Control
To provide a capability for detection, communications, electronic warfare, electronic repair, and ship handling/maneuvering during battle conditions.
Operations Control
To provide offensive/defensive weapons capability during battle conditions.
Weapons Control
To provide propulsion and maneuverability during battle.
Engineering control
To provide damage repair capability during battle conditions
Damage Control
To provide a capability for offensive and defensive actions, emergency situations, or the debarkation of troops during an amphibious assault.
Primary Flight Control
To provide standards for combating mines.
Mine Countermeasures Control
To provide orderly debarkation of troops/equipment during an amphib assault.
Debarkation Control
Establishes uniform policy for assignment of personnel, berthing, maintenance, visiting, recall and zone inspections
Administrative bill
Sets forth policies and procedures in such areas as the boat bill, cold weather, darken ship EMCON, etc…
Operational bill
Provide and organize prescribed procedures and assign responsibilities for controlling the effects of major emergency or disaster suffered by the ship.
Emergency bill
Assign responsibility for a promulgated procedures for defense against sneak/swimmer attack, evacuate civilians, prisoner of war, etc.
Special bill
Assign personnel and stations necessary to fight the ship.
Battle bill
Each person in the division is listed by billet number displaying his assignments for battle, watch, operational, and emergency bills.
Watch quarter and station bill
Types of discharges:
Honorable, General (Under Honorable Conditions), Other Than Honorable, Bad Conduct Discharge & Dishonorable
Dependent Application/Emergency Data Form
Page 2
NAVPERS 1070/604 (Awards & Qualifications)
Page 4
Administrative Remarks
Page 13
Court Memorandum: It shall be used to record court-martial and nonjudicial punishment that affect pay
Page 7
Date Time Group (DTG)
The DTG consists of six digits. The first two digits represent the date, the second two digits represent the hour, and the third two digits represent the minutes. Next follows the month followed by the year.
Example: 220001Z NOV 98