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Define RADAR?
Radio Detection And Ranging
Define HERO?
Hazardous Electromatic Radioactive Ordance
What is EMCON?
Emission Control
(Turns off Radars and Comms)
What is the primary purpose of SLQ-32?

Where is it located?
1)Automated/Passive survaillance and threat warning
2) CIC
What is Chaff?

What determines how long chaff will be effective for?
1)Electronic counter measure
2) Type of round, wind speed and direction
How many types of decoys do
We have for the MK36 DLS?

What are they?
1) 3
2) MK 182, MK214/216, MK 186
What is PCMS?
Passive Countermeasure System
What is APS 124?

What is ALQ 142?
1)Radar for Helo

2)Downlink data to SRQ-4 route to WAP
What is Hawklink?
Uplink to helo
What is the differance between 2D and 3D radars?
2D give range and bearing

3D give range, bearing, altitude
What is the differance between active and passive sonar?
active- pings
passive- listens
What factors affect sonar operation?
Pressure- 100 ft change