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What is a LOEP?

List of effective pages

Who is the Ships 3M Manager?


How often is a A-2R check accomplished?

Annually or when required

What qualification is 3M 303


What does the Y mean on a SYSCOM control number?

Repair parts required

Who is allowed to make pen and ink changes to an MRC card?


What changes can they make?


Who approves the Cycle board?

DEPT head

Who approves the Quarterly board?

DEPT head

Who approved the Weekly board?


How do you designate a rescheduled check on the quarterly board?

Circle it and draw an arrow to which way it was moved

What is a 4790 2K?

Work candidate

How do we submit work candidates?


What is a 4790 2L?

Amplifying data / Drawings

What is a 4790 CK?

Configuration change

How do you indicate Underway periods on the quarter boards?

Shade in the top

How do you verify an MRC card?

From the MRC to the MIP to the LOEP to the Change page

Who do you notify if there is something wrong with a PMS card?


What is required to be documented on an EGL?

Up to 8hrs / 1 days work

What kind of PMS is an SU check?

Start-up PMS

How is mandatory related maintenance indicated on a cycle board?

# Sign behind the check