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Commercial Farming (3.4)

The North American Prairies.

Problems that occurred-

*increase salinity

*soil erosion

*limit of water

How to solve-

*Leaving bare soil for long periods were stopped or reduced.

*Snow fences or barriers enabled snowdrifts to pile up which provide water then they melt in.

*contour ploughing and strip cropping.

Subsistence Farming (3.4)

As the Sahara advances and human population increases, there is more pressure on the land to produce enough food.


Putting stones in lines, along the contours of the land.


Placing the stones along the contour line when the slope was shallow.


Have a flexible transparent hosepipe filled with water.

align the water levels at each end of the pipe, and place stones accordingly.

Makes such a difference that seeds germinate in this moisture, rich organic soil and trees can be planted.

EIA Human Activity

Chernobyl - Ukraine, April 1986

Nuclear contamination

Human error-

poor supervision

Drawbacks with the reactor

Increase in thermal power led to the two non-nuclear explosions.

Distribution of airborne radionuclides across western Europe.

Result- Contamination of soil, plants and animals