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a narrow water way that connects two larger bodies of water.
die Strasse
part of an ocean that extends into the land; larger than a bay.
ger Golf
an area of elevated flat land.
die Hochflache
a wall built across a river, creating a lake that stores water.
die Staumauer
a natural or artificial lake used to store water.
das Reaervior
a deep narrow valley with steep sides.
die Felsschlucht
a hill with a flat top, smaller than a plateau.
der Tafelberg
a small flat topped hill that is smaller than a mesa or plateau.
die Probeschuttung
an area of low land between hills or mountains.
das Tal
a rounded raised landform not as high as a mountain.
der Hugel
a mounded hill or ridge of sand heaped up by the wind.
die Sanddune
a dry environment with few plants and animals.
die Wuste
part of the ocean or lake that extends deeply into the land.
die Brucht
the land along the ocean.
die Kuste
a body of land completely surrounded by water.
die Insel
a body of land nearly surrounded by water.
die Halbinsel
a narrow strip of land that connects two larger bodies of land.
die Landenge
s lsrge body of salt water oceans covering 71% of the earth's surface.
der Ozean
the place where a river empties into a larger body of water.
die Flussmundung
land made of silt left behind as a river drains into a larger body of water.
das Delta
a large area of nearly falt land.
die Ebene
a stream of water that flows across the land and empties into another body of water.
der Fluss
a naroow gap thorugh a mountain range.
der Gebirgspass
a bowl shaped landform surrounded by higher land.
die Mulde
a flow of water falling vertically.
der Wasserfall
all the land drained by a river and its tributaries.
das Flussgebiet
a line beyond which trees do not grow.
die Baumgrenze
a place where ships land and unload their goods.
der Hafen
a channel built to crry water for irrigation or navigation.
der Kanal
s sheltered place along the coast line where boats canned dock safely.
der Hafen
the top of a mountian.
der Gipfel
a high land form with steep sides, higher than a hill.
der Berg
an opening in the earth's surface through which hot rock and ash are forced out.
der Vulkan
a hugh sheet of ice that moves slowly across the land.
der Gletscher
a body of water completely surrounded by land.
der See
a samller river that flows into a larger river.
der Nebenfluss
the starting point of a river.
der Anfang des Flusses