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The simplest and most effective technique used to manipulate estrus

Environmental Stimulation

Used to stimulate cycling and control ovulation

Chemical Hormone Control

The release of egg from the mature follicle on the ovary


Refers to the number of hours of light in a day


The act of foaling or giving birth


A mare that hasn't had a foal and isn't lactating

Dry mare

A retained placenta in the mare


A mare that was not bred nor pregnant in the previous or current season

Open mare

A mare that is nursing a foal and needs a ration to supply energy and protein for lactation

Wet mare

The period during which a female is pregnant


Using one's hands to feel the form, size, position and consistency of the uterus


Includes dental, hoof, deworming, and scheduled vaccinations

Health care

Absorbed by the foal's intestines during the first 24 hours after birth


Normal gestation period

342 days +\- 20 days

Appears on the teats 2-4 days prior to foaling

Wax beads (drops of colostrum)

Conception rate for breeding during foal heat


Indication that a foal is sick

A mare with a full, not, or leaking udder

Normally occurs at 4-6 months for foals


Catches mares shy about breeding

Pasture mating

System of breeding where semen collected from a stallion is deposited into the uterus of a mare without copulation

Artificial Insemination