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Same shape, same size.
Exactly the same.
Tells us how many times to multiply the number times itself. Write the products of the same numbers in a shorter way.
True or False?
Area is the region inside a figure.
Perimeter is the distance around a polygon. How do you find perimeter?
You add ALL the lengths of the sides to find perimeter.
Mean is another word for average. How do you find the mean?
Add all the numbers together then divide by how many numbers you added.
When a group of numbers is ordered from smallest to largest, the middle number is called the...
The chance of something happening?
Number of ways an outcome can happen divided by the number of possible outcomes.
There are three types of graphs that are used to compare data.
Scatter Plots are graphs that show the relationship (correlation) between two sets of data.
They can have a positive, negative, or no relationship (correlation).
Positive Relationship (correlation)
The dots start at the bottom and go up (positive direction)
Negative Relationship
The dots start at the top of the scatter plot and go down (negative direction)
No Relationship
The dots do not tend to go up or down
Right Angle
Measures exactly 90 degrees
Acute Angle
Measures less than 90 degrees
Obtuse Angle
Measures greater than 90 degrees