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The thin layer of gases that surrounds the earth.
What is the Atmosphere? (173)
Exists of 5 layers around Earth.
Human-made chemical compounds
that are restricted in use because they destroy ozone.
What are CFC's (Chloroflourocarbons)? (186)
Air conditioner system gas Freon & other aerosols used for pressure dispensing.
The average weather in an area over a long period of time.
What is climate? (176)
Our ________ is temperate in the Southeast.
Predicted increase in Earth's temperature due to an increase in greenhouse gases.
What is Global Warming? (184)
Gas emissions from livestock contribute to this.
Warming effect on the air caused by heat rising from the surface of the earth and being dropped by gases in the troposhpere?
What is greenhouse effect? (180)
A name taken from where plants are cultivated from seed in horticulture.
The gases in the atmosphere that trap and radiate heat.
What is greenhouse gases? (181)
A term taken from where plants are cultivated in horticulture.
Form of oxygen with molecules made of three oxygen atoms. (186)
What is ozone? (186)
Shields Earth from Ultraviolet and other dangerous solar radiation
One of the 5 layers of the atmosphere lying immediately above the troposphere & extending from 1 km to about 50 km above earth's surface.
What is Stratosphere? (175)
Contains ozone layer; where commercial airlines fly; mild winds & less dense air.
One of the 5 layers of the atmosphere extending from Earth's surface to about 10 km above the surface.
What is Troposphere? (175)
Approx. 6 miles above Earth where weather takes place, air currents carry hot, humid or cold, dry air around Earth
Conditions in the atmoshpere of a particular place and particular moment.
What is weather? (176)
Frequent changes in the troposphere.
Global winds located between 40 and 60 degrees latitude that flow from the Southwest in the Northern Hemisphere, and from the Northwest in the Southern Hemisphere.
What are Westerlies? (470) Modern Earth Science Book.
winds blow from south_____ to northeast.
Weak Gloval winds located North of 65 Degrees North Latitude & South of 65 Degrees South Latitude that flow away from the Poles.
What are Polar Easterlies? (470) Modern Earth Science Book.
Winds blowing from northeast diagonally to southwest
Global winds flowing toward the equator between 30 Degrees and 0 Degrees Latitude.
What are Trade Winds? (47)
flow toward the equator and were used by sailing ships to cross oceans
The Atmospheric zone above the Stratosphere.
What is Mesosphere? (175)
a transitional area (meso) between the stratosphere where there is more air and the thermosphere which is much thinner and unable to support life
The Atmospheric zone above the Mososphere.
What is Thermosphere? (175)
layer of atmosphere named for heat conduction
The outermost portion of the Earth's atmosphere.
What is Exosphere? (175)
The thinnest layer of atmosphere which merges into outer space