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Five Steps of ORM

1) Identify Hazards
2) Assess Hazards
3) Make Risk Decisions
4) Implement Controls
5) Supervise
Objectives of First Aid
1) Save Life
2) Prevent Further Injury
3) Limit Infection
Difference Between Open and Closed Fractures
- Open (AKA Compound): bone protrudes from skin

- Closed (AKA Simple): break is internal
Methods to Control Bleeding
1) Direct Pressure
2) Pressure Points
3) Tourniquet
11 Pressure Points
1) Jaw
2) Neck
3) Collarbone
4) Wrist
5) Inner-Upper Arm
6) Inner Elbow
7) Upper Thigh
8) Ankle
9) Knee
10) Groin
11) Temple
Symptoms of Shock
1) Dilated Pupils
2) Pale/Clammy Skin
3) Shallow Breaths
Material Safety Data Sheet - document used for HAZMAT
- Hazards of electromagnetic radiation to ordinance
- Hazards of electromagnetic radiation to fuel
- Hazards of electromagnetic radiation to personnel
Levels of War
- Tactical
- Operational
- Strategic
Battle of Midway
- Turning point of war
- Cryptology role: broke Japanese code (PURPLE CODE)