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Ambiguous (ADJ.)

Unclear or doubtful in meaning.

My ambiguity towards certain news stations will never change.

Banal (ADJ.)

Hackneyed; commonplace; trite.

The sports announcer's banal commentary got on her nerves.

Contract (V.)

Compress or shrink; make a pledge; catch a disease.

I've never contracted chicken pox.

Diligence (N.)

Steadiness of effort; persistent hard work.

It requires strict diligence to learn a musical instrument.

Esteem (V.)

Respect; value; judge.

I hold the song, "Stairway to Heaven" in high esteem.

Galavanize (V.)

Stimulate by shock; stir up; revitalize.

Some people like to galvanize tension between people.

Impeccable (ADJ.)


She was deemed the most impeccable speller after winning the spelling bee contest.

Inimical (ADJ.)

Unfriendly; hostile; harmful; detrimental.

The only reason inimical people exist is because of the existence of fear itself.

Loquacious (ADJ.)


As a child I was more locquacious since I worried about what words came out of my mouth.

Negate (V.)

Cancel out; nullify; deny.

Finishing homework negates the stress of having to do it in the first place.

Paucity (N.)

Scarcity; lack.

The paucity of rest areas on the road worried the family as they were thirsty, hungry and tired.

Precedent (N.)

Something preceding in time that may be used as an authority or guide for future action.

George Washington set a two term precedent when he served as president.

Relegate (V.)

Banish to an inferior position; delegate; assign.

He was relegated to perform a different set of chores since he was tied of his daily chores.

Supplant (V.)

Replace; usurp.

Bands often supplant members when first starting out.

Vilify (V.)


Bill Clinton was vilified by his opponents after his scandals.