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Strike while the iron is hot
تا تنور داغه نون رو بچسبون
take care of a matter before it becomes too late
All that glitters is not gold
هر گردی گردو نیست
something that looks valuable is sometimes truly worthless
Curiosity killed the cat
فضولی موقوف
curiosity causes problems
easy come, easy go
باد آورده را باد می برد
easy come, easy go
no news is good news
بی خبری خوش خبری است
it’s better not to hear anything than to hear bad news
nothing ventured, nothing gained
نابرده رنج گنج میسر نمیشود
someone who doesn’t try does not succeed
East, West, homes best
نابرده رنج گنج میسر نمیشود
نابرده رنج گنج میسر نمیشود
Hit the jackpot
یک شب پول دار شدن
hit the bullseye, won the lottery
A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush
به چيزي كه داري قانع باش
Keep what you have and don’t be greedy for more
A Blessing In Disguise
چيز خوبي كه در ابتدا قدرش را نميدانيد
A good thing that you don’t recognize at first
A Chip On Your Shoulder
عصباني بودن بخاطر چيزي كه قبلا اتفاق افتاده
Angry because of what happened in the past
A Dime A Dozen
چيزي كه ارزان و راحت بدست بيايد
Cheap and easy to get
A Drop In The Bucket
چيزي كه بدليل كوچك بودن اهميت ندارد
Something that isn’t important because it’s very small
A Fool And His Money Are Easily Parted
يه احمق راحت پولشو از دست ميده
Foolish people lose money easily
A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned
قطره قطره جمع گردد وانگهي دريا شود
Little by little you’ll save money by not spending your money
A Piece Of Cake
كاري كه انجام آن ساده است. مثل آب خوردن
Something that is very easy to do
A Shot In The Dark
حدس زدن چیزی وقتی که تو واقعیت رو نمی دونی
A guess when you don’t know the facts
A Slap On The Wrist
تنبيه خيلي ملايم
A punishment that is very mild
A Slip Of The Tongue
وقتي چيزي را گفته ايد كه قصد گفتنش را نداشته ايد
Something which you did not mean to say
A Taste Of Your Own Medicine
اجراي كاربد تو درمورد خودت تا درسي برايت باشد
A lesson where other people treat you the same way you treat them
A Toss-Up
وقتي در مورد نتيجه كار مطمئن نباشيم
When we aren’t sure what the result will be
A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
شخص خطرناکی که وانمود به خوبی می کند. گرگ در لباس ميش
One who is dangerous while pretending to be harmless
An About Face
تغيير جهت و يا روش از يك جهت به جهت ديگر
When you begin facing one direction, then you turn completely
Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
افزايش علاقه دو نفر بخاطر دور بودن از هم
The time you spend away from one you love makes you love that person even more
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
ما از عملكرد مردم بيشتر ياد ميگيريم تا از صحبتهاي آنها
We learn more from people’s actions than from their words
Add Fuel To The Fire
انجام كاري كه شرايط را بدتر از قبل كند
Do something to make a bad situation worse
Against The Clock
سخت كاركردن براي انجام كارها سروقت
Working hard to finish by a certain time
Against The Grain
با انجام امور بر خلاف ميل ديگران اوضاع را مشكل كردن
Making things difficult by acting against the wishes of others
All Bark And No Bite
تهديد به انجام كاري ولي قادر به انجام كاري نبودن
Threaten to do things that they aren’t really willing or able to do
All In The Same Boat
وجود مشكل مشترك و لزوم كار گروهي
When people must work as a team because they face the same challenges together
All That Glitters Is Not Gold
چيزي كه بنظر قيمتي مي آيد ممكن است بي ارزش باشد
Something which seems valuable at first may turn out to be worthless
All Thumbs
كسي كه خيلي خراب كاري ميكند
Someone who is very awkward
An Arm And A Leg
قيمت گزافي بابت چيزي پرداختن
A high price to pay
An Axe To Grind
بروز دادن عصبانيت با قصد قبلي
You plan to express your anger to that person
Arm In Arm
دست به دست يكديگر دادن
Standing together with arms interlocked
Around The Block
كسي كه تجربه كارها و يا شرايط متفاوتي را داشته
A person who has experience
As Blind As A Bat
كاملا نابينا
Completely unable to see
As High As A Kite
به درجه بالايي از ترقي رسيدن
Elevated to a great height
As Light As A Feather
بسيار سبك
Very, very light
At The Drop Of A Hat
انجام كار بسادگي و سرعت بدون فكركردن
Do something quickly and easily, without thinking about it
At Wit’s End
از عهده يك مشكل برنيامدن
Not able to come up with a solution
Back To The Drawing Board
دوباره يك كار را از ابتدا انجام دادن
Time to start over again
Barking Up The Wrong Tree
دنبال چيزي در جاي اشتباه گشتن
Looking for something in the wrong place
Beating A Dead Horse
فشار آوردن براي انجام كاري كه پيش از آن تمام شده
Forcing an issue that is already closed
Beating Around The Bush
غيرمستقيم در مورد مطلبي صحبت كردن. به در ميگيم كه ديوار بشنوه
Talking about something indirectly
Bend Over Backwards
خود را به زحمت انداختن براي كمك به ديگري
Inconvenience yourself to help another
Better Late Than Never
دير انجام دادن بهتر از هرگز انجام ندادن است
It’s better to do something late than to not do it at all
Between A Rock And A Hard Place
از دو طرف تحت فشار قرار داشتن
Stuck between two opposing forces
Birds Of A Feather Flock Together
كبوتر با كبوتر باز با باز – كند همجنس با همجنس پرواز
Similar people go to the same places and do the same things together
Bite Off More Than You Can Chew
با يك دست دو هندوانه برداشتن
Taking on a challenge that is too big
Bite Your Tongue
حرفي به زبان نياور. زبانت را گاز بگير
Keep yourself from speaking
Blood Is Thicker Than Water
نسبت فاميلي مهمتر از بقيه مناسبات است
Family relations are more important than all other relationships
Break Down
ازكار افتادن چيزي و يا غمگين شدن
Stop functioning properly
Break In
به زور وارد شدن
Enter by force
Break The Tie
مشخص شدن برنده نهايي
To finally determine a single winner
Don’t Burn Your Bridges
پلهاي پشت سرت رو خراب نكن
Don’t do harm to past relationships
Burning The Candle At Both Ends
براي مدت زمان طولاني و بدون استراحت كار كردن
Working for many hours without getting enough rest
Burning The Midnight Oil
تا ديروقت بيدار ماندن و كار كردن
Up late at night working hard
Call It Off
منتفي كردن
Cancel it
Can’t Cut The Mustard
به اندازه كافي امتياز نياوردن براي شركت در كاري
Not good enough to participate
Cold Turkey
عوارض قطع مصرف موادمخدر بصورت ناگهاني
Quit taking an addictive drug by stopping immediately
Come Hell Or High Water
حوادثي اتفاق مي افتد و هيچ جيزي جلويش را نخواهد گرفت
No matter what else happens
Cross Your Fingers
اميدواريد كه يك خوش شانسي نصيب شما شود
Hoping it happens that way
Crying Over Spilt Milk
يادآوري بدبياري گذشته
Remain upset about a past loss
Cry Wolf
به دروغ تقاضاي كمك كردن. چوپان دروغگو
Calling for help when you don’t really need help
Curiosity Killed The Cat
كنجكاوي زياد خطرناكه
Curiosity can be dangerous
Dead Heat
مشاجره يا مسابقه اي كه برنده نداشته باشد
A winner cannot be determined in this particular contest
هركسي دنبال منافع خودشه
People are looking out for their own interests
Don’t Count Your Chickens Until They’re Hatched
جوجه رو آخر پائيز ميشمرن
Don’t make plans based on uncertain events
Don’t Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth
دندون اسب پيشكشي رو نمي شمارند
Questioning the value of something you have received for free
Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket
روي تمام چيزهايي كه داري ريسك نكن
Don’t risk everything all at once
Down To The Wire
برنده نهايي در آخرين لحظه مشخص ميشود
The winner will be determined at the last instant
Drastic Times Call For Drastic Measures
نياز به تلاش بيشتري براي انجام يك كارداشتن
We need to take extreme actions here
Dry Spell
دوره اي كه بدون موفقيت سپري شود
A period of time without success
Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining
پس از هر سختي آسانيست
Be hopeful because difficult times always lead to better days
Everything But The Kitchen Sink
تقريبا همه چيز فراهم است
Almost everything has been included
Fair And Fair Alike
چيزي كه براي يك نفرمناسب است براي ديگران نيز مناسب است
The same rules should apply evenly to all
Finding Your Feet
احساس تسلط بيشتر در مورد كاري كه انجام ميدهيد
Feeling more comfortable in what you’re doing
Fixed In Your Ways
وقتي كه نميخواهي روشت را عوض كني
Not wanting to change how you do things
Flash In The Pan
يك موفقيت ناگهاني كه خيلي زود از بين برود
A sudden success that disappears quickly
From Rags To Riches
ازفقر به ثروت رسيدن
From poor to wealthy
Get Over It
بهبود پيدا كردن از نظراحساسي يا صدمه فيزيكي
Recover from some physical or emotional state
Get Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed
وقتي تمام يك روز براي شما بد ميگذرد
Having a bad day
Give Him The Slip
ازدست كسي فرار كردن
To escape from that person
Go For Broke
وقتي تمام چيزي را كه داريد براي يك فرصت طلايي بخطر مي اندازيد
Risking it all for the chance to win big
Great Minds Think Alike
آدمهاي خوش فكر مثل هم فكر ميكنند
People with great minds think like each other
Haste Makes Waste
وقتي كاري را با عجله انجام دهيد نتيجه خوبي نخواهيد گرفت
When we do things too quickly we’re likely to end up with poor results
Have No Idea
Don’t know
He Lost His Head
برآشفتن زياد كه شخص كنترلي روي عمل خود ندارد
He got so upset that he lost control of his actions
Head Over Heels
هيجان زياد براي انجام كاري و يا عاشق شدن. تو ابرها سير ميكنه
Totally and uncontrollably in love
Icing On The Cake
وقتي دو چيز خوب يكي پس از ديگري اتفاق بيافتد
A second great thing happens in addition to the first
Idle Hands Are The Devil’s Tools
آدم بيكار خودش را دچار دردسر ميكند
When you have nothing to do you’re more likely to get into trouble
If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Another
وقتي كارها يكي پس از ديگري بد پيش ميرود
Too many things are going wrong, one after another
In And Out
وقتي تجربه كاملي از يك چيز داريد
The knowledge gained from experience
In Over Your Head
وقتي شرايط بسيار سخت است
The situation is too difficult for you
In The Dark
وقتي چيزي را نميدانستيد
You did not know about it
In The Doghouse
كسي كه كار اشتباهي انجام داده و شرمسار است
Facing punishment for doing something wrong
In The Heat Of The Moment
درگيركاري بودن وتحت تاثيرشرايط آن قرارداشتن
Be in the midst of some activity and under the influence of that event
It Takes Two To Tango
همه كساني كه درگيرهستند مقصرند
When two people have a conflict, both people are at fault
It’s A Small World
دنياي كوچكي است
You see the same people in different places
Its Anyone’s Call
قضاوت كردن درمورد نتيجه مسابقه مشكل است
It’s difficult to judge the outcome of a competition
Keep An Eye On Him
مراقب كسي بودن
Watch him carefully
Labor Of Love
انجام كاري بخاطر عشق يا چون دوست داريد
Work which you do for love
Lend Me Your Ear
لطفا به من گوش بده
Please listen to me
Let Bygones Be Bygones
گذشته را فراموش كن
Forget about the disagreement
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
بگذار مسائل گذشته فراموش شود و دوباره شروع نكن
Don’t restart this conflict
Let The Cat Out Of The Bag
فاش كردن يك راز
Sharing a secret
Mad As A Hatter
مثل يك ديوانه
A person who is crazy
Method To My Madness
چيزي كه بصورت يك عمل ديوانه وار ظاهرميشود در حقيقت دليل خوبي دارد
What appears to by crazy action is actually done for a good reason
Neck And Neck
هر دو سوي يك مسابقه يا رقابت دريك سطح هستند
Two sides are competing evenly
Neither A Borrower, Nor A Lender Be
نه قرض بده و نه قرض بگير
One should neither borrow nor lend
Never Bite The Hand That Feeds You
هرگز به كسي كه به تو كمك ميكند صدمه نزن
Hurting a person who has been helping you
Nose Out Of Joint
ناراحت بودن بخاطر اتفاقي كه افتاده
Upset about what happened
Not A Chance
مطمئنا اتفاق نخواهد افتاد
It will definitely not happen
Off Limits
اجازه ورود نداشتن
it isn’t okay to go to that place
Off On The Wrong Foot
بد شروع كردن كاري. قدم اشتباه برداشتن
Starting off badly
Off The Hook
از يك وضعيت دشوار خلاص شدن
Free from a difficult situation
On Pins And Needles
عصبي بودن بخاطر چيزي كه اتفاق خواهد افتاد
To be very nervous about something happening
On The Fence
كسي كه بايد يك راه را انتخاب كند ولي هنوز تصميم نگرفته
You are still undecided
On The Same Page
وقتي افراد مختلف بدنبال راه حلهاي يكسان هستند
Different people are looking at an issue in the same way
On Top Of The World
وقتي احساس بسيار خوبي داريد
You are feeling great
On Your Last Leg
وقتي احساس بسيار خوبي داريد
The end is near
On Your Mind
چيزي كه در ذهن شماست و هنوز به آن فكر ميكنيد
The thing you are thinking about
One For The Road
آخرين كاري كه پيش از ترك يك محل انجام ميدهيد
One more, then I am leaving
Out And About
وقتي محل خودرا ترك كرده و به مكانهاي متفاوتي ميرويد
When you go out of your place and you move about to different places
Out of sight, out of mind
ازدل برود هرآنكه از ديده برفت
You don’t think about it when you can no longer see it
Out of the blue
ناگهاني و غيرمنتظره
Suddenly and unexpectedly
Out of the frying pan and into the fire
ازچاله درآمدن و به چاه افتادن
To get out of a bad situation and end up in one that is even worse
Out of the woods
بهبودي و يا نجات پس از يك حادثه خطرناك
Recovered to safety after a dangerous experience
Out of your element
وقتي در شرايط عادي و راحت نيستيد
In an uncomfortable situation
Out on a limb
خود را در شرايط ناگواري گرفتار كردن بخاطر ديگري
To put yourself in a risky situation
Out on the town
بيرون رفتن و ازگردش و تفريح لذت بردن
To go out and enjoy yourselves
Over my dead body
مگر از روي جسد من رد بشوي تا بتواني آن كار را انجام دهي
There is no way I’ll allow you to do that
Par for the course
چيزي كه عادي و قابل انتظارباشد
Normal and expected
Penny-wise, pound-foolish
كسي كه به جزئيات توجه زيادي ميكند ولي مسائل بزرگتر را ناديده ميگيرد
Cautious with small amounts of money, but careless with larger amounts
People who live in glass houses should not throw stones
كسي كه خودش آسيب پذير است نبايد به ديگران صدمه بزند
Don’t criticize other people when you yourself have faults and weaknesses
Practice makes perfect
تمرين باعث حرفه اي شدن است
The more you practice, the better you’ll become
Practice what you preach
كاري رو كه به ديگران توصيه ميكني اول خودت انجام بده
Do things the way you tell others to do them
Preaching to the choir
سعي كردن براي جذب طرفدار بجز طرفداران فعلي
Trying to make believers out of people who already believe
Protest too much
اصرار زياد درموضوعي و ايجاد اين تصور كه راست نميگوييد
You tend not to believe a person because they insist too strongly that something isn’t true
Pulling your leg
كلك زدن و يا شوخي كردن براي خنده
Making a joke by tricking another person
Put your best foot forward
اقدام براي انجام بهترين كاري كه ميتوانيد
Go ahead and give it your best try
Put your foot in your mouth
بيان مطلبي كه باعث رنجش شود
Say something embarrassing
Raise cain
مزاحم ديگران شدن و دردسر درست كردن
To disturb others and cause trouble
Rock The Boat
انجام كاري كه احتمال رنجش ديگران را داشته باشد
Do something that risks upsetting a group situation
Roll Out The Red Carpet
خوش آمدگويي باشكوه به يك مهمان مهم
To give a grand welcome to an important guest
Rome Was Not Built In One Day
انجام كارهاي بزرگ نياز به زمان دارد
All great works take time to finish
Round about
درهمان حدود و يا بصورت تقريبي
A way that isn’t the most direct
Rub salt in an old wound
نمك روي زخم پاشيدن
Intentionally bring back the pain of a past experience
Second nature
كاري كه انجامش براي شما بسيار طبيعيست
Something which is very natural for you to do
Shake a leg
بجنب. خودتو تكون بده
Move faster, get going
Sick as a dog
دچارسرماخوردگي شديد شدن
Very sick with a cold or the flu
Sink or swim
راهي براي موفقيت پيدا كن يا بباز
You’ll either fail or you’ll find a way to succeed
Six of one, a half-dozen of the other
آنها مشابه اند. درمورد يك چيز صحبت ميكنيد
They are the same thing
Skeletons in the closet
مسائل بسيار شخصي گذشته كه تمايلي به گفتن آنها نداريد
Secrets from your past which you try not to show to other people
Split down the middle
نتيجه در هردو صورت يكسان است
The results are exactly the same on both sides
Start from scratch
شروع به انجام يك كاراز ابتدا
Starting a project from the very beginning
The apple of your eye
شخص يا چيزي كه بيشترين اهميت را براي شما دارد
Person (or thing) that you care for the most
The ball is in your court
نوبت شماست كه كاري را انجام دهيد. توپ در زمين تو است
It’s your turn to do something
The best of both worlds
بهترين جنبه از دو انتخاب متفاوت را برگزيدن
To get the best of both choices
The bigger they are, the harder they fall
ما ميتوانيم به اين دشمن قوي آسيب بزنيم
We can beat this larger opponent
The devil is in the details
وقتي قسمت سخت يك كارجزئيات زيادي داشته باشد
The difficult part is in the many small details
The early bird catches the worm
مفهموم به فارسی : هر کس زودتر کاری را شروع کند موفق می شود
Person who arrives early will be successful
The ends justify the means
براي چنين وضعيتي است كه ما فراخوانده شده ايم
Our actions are called for this situation
The jury is out
هنوز تصميم گرفته نشده
It’s still being decided
The pot calling the kettle black
ديگ به ديگ ميگه روت سياه
To say something about someone else which is actually true about yourself
The pros and cons
دلايلي كه براي چيزي و برعليه انجام آن وجود دارد
The reasons for and against doing something
The sky is the limit
محدوديتي براي اين كار مشخص وجود ندارد
The possibilities are endless
The straw that broke the camel’s back
چيزي كه سرآخر شما را ناراحت كند
One last thing that finally made you upset
The writing on the wall
نشانه هايي از يك تغيير كه كاملا واضح و مشخص است
The signs of a coming change
Third wheel
نفر سومي كه وجودش براي انجام يك كار بي فايده است
Person who is the outsider when there is a group of three
Tie the knot
ازدواج كردن
Get married
To err is human, to forgive divine
همه انسانها اشتباه ميكنند و مابايد آنها را ببخشيم
We should try to forgive people because all people make mistakes
Tooth and nail
با خشونت جنگيدن
To fight violently
Truer words were never spoken
موافقت كامل با چيزي كه ديگري ميگويد
I totally agree with what you just said
Turn over a new leaf
تلاش براي بهتر كردن شرايط زندگي
Taking action to change one’s life for the better
Two wrongs don’t make a right
درست نيست كار اشتباهي را در پاسخ به اشتباه ديگري انجام دهي
It’s never right to do wrong to another person
Two’s company; three’s a crowd
نفر سومي كه در يك گروه دو نفري باعث ناهماهنگي است
A group of two people is comfortable; a group of three isn’t comfortable
Under the gun
فشار زيادي را تحمل كردن تا كاري انجام شود
Under a lot of pressure to get something done
Under the weather
احساس خوبي نداشتن
Not feeling well
Up against
جيزي و يا كسي كه با آن درستيز هستيد و ميخواهيد شكستش دهيد
Competing with
Up for grabs
چيزي كه رايگان دراختيار ديگران ميگذاريد
Available for anyone to take
Variety is the spice of life
تجربه كردن چيزهاي متفاوت زندگي را شيرين ميكند
Life is exciting when you try different types of experiences
Water under the bridge
تجربه هاي تلخ گذشته كه تصميم به فراموش كردنش داريد
Past experiences and conflicts which we have decided to forget
Wear your heart on your sleeve
احساسات خود را راحت ابراز كردن
Expressing your emotions freely and openly
What they don’t know won’t hurt them
چيزي كه ديگران لازم نيست بدانند
They don’t need to know
When in rome, do as the romans do
خواهي نشوي رسوا همرنگ جماعت شو
A visitor should try to act as the people do who are from that place
When it rains, it pours
وقتي همه بدبياريها يكباره اتفاق مي افتد
It hasn’t happened for a long time, and then it happens all at once
When pigs fly
اتفاقي كه هرگز نخواهد افتاد. وقت گل ني
That thing will never happen
Wine and dine
خيلي مفصل از كسي پذيرايي كردن
To treat someone to expensive food and drink
With your back up against the wall
وقتي امكان انتخاب نداشته باشيد. نه راه پيش داريد و نه راه پس
Restrained from acting as you would like
Without a doubt
بدون شك
It is certain
Word of mouth
خبرهايي كه از شخصي به شخص ديگر منتقل ميشود
News that travels from person to person
You can’t judge a book by its cover
از روي ظاهر قضاوت نكن
Don’t make judgments based only on appearances
Your guess is as good as mine
نميتوانيد با قاطعيت در مورد مطلبي صحبت كنيد
You can’t speak with certainty about something
A friend in need is a friend indeed
دوست واقعی کسی است که در موقع مشکلات همراه ما هست.
a real friend is one who is supportive in times of trouble
new broom sweeps clean
چیز جدید و خوب بهتر کار می کند.
something new and in good condition works better
A stitch in time saves nine
مراقبت بیشتر باعث میشود که احتیاجی به تعمیر دوباره نباشد.
little preventive maintenance can save the need for repairs later
Barking up the wrong tree
درست کردن یک مشکل وخطلا برای یک نفر
make an error; make a claim to the incorrect person
First come, first served
هر کس زودتر آمده باشد زودتر میرود.
person who arrives first is served first
Tit for tat
این برای آن
this for that,