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What are the main themes in charge of the light brigade?

Conflict,suffering,reality of war, patriotism

What is the context of charge of the light brigade

-written by the poet laureate at the time (Alfred lord Tennyson) to honour the charge of the light brigade and to inspire the nation and portray the war in a positive light as a form of propaganda

-It describes the mistake a commander had made yet also shows the patriotism and honour of war

Explain the quote

“Into the valley of death”

This a biblical reference (from psalm 23) that refers to darkness and obviously death. It foreshadows the untimely death of many of the six hundred in a place of power. It may also suggest that this war was a spiritual battle - that the men knew something was wrong yet continued.

Explain these quotes

“Jaws of death” and “mouth of hell”

The valley is personified, it’s evil jaws like that of an animal seeking to predate members of the six hundred ,to drag them down into the depths of it’s own evil .Lined either side like teeth by the Russian soldiers consuming there victims and obliterating them.

Explain this quote

“Honour the light brigade/the noble six hundred”

Here the language glorifies the soldiers who took part in the battle , despite the fact they are dead , rewarding them despite their loss and painting them in a positive light perhaps due to the honour towards the queen and her country they showed and their blind devotion to higher power despite the blunder.

Explain this quote

“Shot and shell”

This creates sibilance a whoosh into battle as the soldiers had whooshed down the valley.

What are the themes within exposure

Conflict,suffering,reality of war and nature

Explain the context and meaning of Exposure

Written by Wilfred Owen, exposure tells of the reality of the first world war through the eyes of an authentic soldier, a soldier who knows the pity of war and of shell shock.

Despite his dislike of war he was dutiful towards his country and not bitter in suffering.

Explain the quote :

“Our brains ache”

Could be referring to the physical cold experienced on the battlefield or perhaps the brain numbing ptsd (shell shock as it was known then) that was also experienced by many of the soldiers.

Explain the quote :

‘the merciless iced east winds that knife us’

Personification of the wind knifing people shows that the weather is violent and murderous , a semantic field hinting towards the weather being the true enemy in war.

There is also sibilance conveying the relentless (highlighted by the ellipsis) wind that slices into the soldiers attacking them.

Why are the words ‘we’ and ‘our’ are repeated ?

Conveys the togetherness and camaraderie of the soldiers during the war - it also shows the collective suffering of everyone on the battlefield, perhaps showing that Owen had a strong disdain to war and the suffering it causes.

What quote shows personification of the wind

“Mad gusts tugging on the wire”

“Merciless iced east winds that knives us”

What does the repetition of “nothing happens show”

Shows the futility of the war effort ,that in the end everyone will suffer.Everytime it is repeated it reinforces this idea expressing Owen’s feelings toward the war.

What does the ABBA rhyming scheme and hexameter display

Emphasise the monotony of a pointless and futile war that carry on despite nothing happening

Explain the use of half rhymes (e.g. knife us /nervous)

The neat marching lines of soldiers is falling apart at the seams, destroyed by the enemies of both war and weather.

Explain the quote :

“Our ghosts drag home”

The men are not likely to remain back home but those who do are just shells of their former self , ruined by war. The length of the sentence it’s within showing the distance of home and therefore home sickness.