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List invaders of Great Britian

Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Normandy

Celtic religion characteristics

NOT worship of Ancient Greek gods of wisdom

What was Anglo-Saxon life dominated by?

Close allowance between leaders and their followers

Why were Anglo-Saxon poets/bards honored?

Preserved heroic deeds in collective memory

Why does Beowulf come to kill Grendel?

The adventure would give him new glory.

What last thoughts does Beowulf express as he is dying?

Sadness that heroes like him and England are a dying breed

Why is Beowulf an epic hero?

He embodies the ideals of Anglo-Saxon society

Describe Beowulf.

NOT mild-tempered and modest

What epics do epic heroes follow?

Brave, clever, fair, patience, wisdom; ethics of a good warrior

Why did Beowulf go to aid the Danes? What was his connection?

To get new glory and adventure; father is related to the king, distant family.

What murderous biblical figure is Grendel related to?


Beowulf is praised for what virtues after his death?

Bravery and fairness.

What makes Beowulf an important literary work?

First great work of national literature

Who is Unferth? Brecca?

Unferth is the man of Dane who challenges Beowulf because he envies his courage and fame; Brecca is Beowulf's friend that raced him in their famous and dangerous swimming match

How does Beowulf kill Grendel? His mother?

Twists off Grendel's arm and stabs him with it; cut off his mothers head

How did England change after William the Conqueror triumphed at the Battle of Hastings?

Adaption of Norman social system and French words to English language

Explain Feudalism's religious concept of hierarchy.

Caste system of overlords, vassals and serfs

What effect did the Black Death have in feudalism? Why?

Freedom for seeds and greater power for lower classes

What is Chauncer's main objective to writing the Prologue?

Introduce cast of characters

Why are the pilgrims traveling to Canterbury?

To see the shrine of Saint Thomas a'Becket.

Why do the pilgrims agree to tell tales during the journey?

Win a free meal and entertain one another to pass time

Which member of the clergy receives the most admiring, flattering description?

The parson

Which pilgrim apparently knows and uses potions?

The wife of bath

Chauncer's characterizations of the Prioress, the monk, and the others connected with the church are mainly what?


In "the Pardoner's Tale" why is it ironic that the Pardoner preaches against avarice?

He is especially greedy himself

How is death portrayed?

Skeletal figure and an evil angel

Why do the rioters go looking for death?

Avenge death of their friends

In "sir gawain and the green knight" why does gawain take a green sash?

He hopes it will keep him alive, his lover (the lady) gives it to him.

Why does the green knight taunt sir gawain and how?

Flinches at the sight of a descending ax; sharpens ax from afar and repeatedly swings and purposely miss

Why is this work considered a romance?

A brave knight on a dangerous journey

What is the main thing that Gawain gains from his experiences with the lord, his lady, and the Green Knight?

Punishment of deceit

In Le Morte Darthur the two armies begin the battle because what happened?

Modred is a traitor

How (weapon) does Arthur kill Modred?

His spear

Why doesn't Bedivere throw Excalibur into the lake at first?

Knows it's important and valuable

What does Arthur's epitaph imply?

He will return to England if needed.

Who becomes king in the end?


Details of Banquo's murder.

Ambushes Banquo and his son while walking home, Banquo killed, Fleance escape.

Are the Thanes loyal to Macbeth in the end?

No they act because they are scared an Macbeth is a tyrant

What are the things the witches prophesize?

Macbeth the thane of Cawdor and king, banquos sons will be king but not him, beware Macduff, no one but not born of a woman can kill Macbeth, Macbeth will remain king until Birnam wood comes up Dunsindane hill.

Banquo's ghost-who sees it?

Macbeth only

How does Lady Macbeth die? What is her problem in Act V?

Guilt consumes her and she kills herself; she starts sleepwalking every night

Is Duncan ever suspicious of Macbeth?


What is the point of the porter scene?

Comic relief after king is murdered.

How would you describe Macbeth in the end?


What is his reaction to his wife's death?

Anger, terrible timing, bound to happen.

How does Macbeth die?

Macduff (who's mother died before his birth) killed him and cut his head off.

Who is Hecate? Macdonwald? Fleance? Macduff?

Hecate is "queen" or leader of the witches; Macdonwald is the traitor of Scotland from the beginning and was called "merciless"; Fleance is Banquo's son; Macduff is a thane who flees Scotland to find Malcolm to get help to save Scotland and have Malcolm back as king, he also kills Macbeth

How are the thanes of Glamis? Fife? Inverness?

Glamis is Macbeth as well as Inverness; Fife is Macduff

What does Macbeth hallucinate in Act I? Lady Macbeth in Act V?

Macbeth sees a dagger leading him to the king's chamber to murder him; Lady Macbeth sleepwalks and sees blood on her hands that can not be washed off.


Victor's childhood friend, nurses him to health


DeLacy son, in love with Safie.


Letters from beginning, aided Frankenstein and heard from him his story.


professor of natural philosophy, victor dislikes


Servant and adopted into Frankenstein family; framed for murder.


DeLacy daughter, sister to Felix.


came and found felix, in love with him


Family the monster watches, father is blind


Victor grew up with, beautiful, adopted in family, Victor loves and intends to marry.


Victor's youngest brother, strangled in woods by the monster


Sister of Walton he writes to her on the ship telling her of Frankenstein's story.


Hero's cousin; witty


Soldier under Don Pedro; witty; love affair with Beatrice


Soldier under Don Pedro; in love with Hero


Daughter of Leonato; beautiful and kind; in love with Claudio

Don Pedro

prince; friend of Leonato


successful, governor, elderly, well loved

Don John

Brother of Don Pedro; evil villain


hero's servant mistaken as hero

Berachio and Conrad

Don Johns evil helpers


the fool; in charge of the watch


deputy to dogberry


Beatrice's father