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Greetings in English

Good Morning

Good Morning, How are you this morning?

Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon, How are you this afternoon?

Good Evening

Good Evening, How are you this evening?

Good Night

Good Night and Sweet Dreams!!


Hi. How are you?

Hi, How's it going today?

Fine, thanks! And you?

Hello, Good morning, How are you today?

Hi, I'm fine, thanks! How's it going for you?

Hello, How are you doing? Great thanks!

Very well, thank you! And you?

I'm doing fine, thank you!

It's really nice to meet you!

It's my pleasure! Nice to meet you too!

It has been a pleasure to meet you this evening!

They are shaking hands.

It has been a pleasure to see you again!

Nice to see you too! Have a nice day!

Pleasure to see you again! Have a great day!

It's really good to see you again!

Nice to see you too! I hope to see you again soon!

Goodbye! See you soon!

Bye Bye!!

It's been nice to see you!! We hope to see you soon!!