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Cryptic (adj)

Mysterious, puzzling, enigmatic

Hinder (verb)

To obstruct

Esoteric (adj)

Understood only by a select few


Pompous, self important

Incongrous (adj)

Not fitting in, out of place

Unprecedented (adj)

Occurring for the first time, never seen before

Merger (noun)

A joining

Pedestrian (adj)

Common, ordinary, banal

Prudent (adj)

Careful, cautious

Exemplary (adj)

Outstanding , setting a great example

Sycophant (noun)

A bootlicker, a brown-noser

Neutral (adj)

Unbiased, not taking sides, objective

Rescind (verb)

To take back (ex. A statement)

Fundamental (adj)

Essential, basic

Rejuvenate (verb)

To make young again

Contrite (adj)

Apologetic, remorseful

Exemplify (verb)

To serve as an example of

Nullify (verb)

To negate , to make unimportant

Villify (verb)

To speak of someone as a villain

Hypothetical (adj)


Nostalgic (adj)

Longing for the good ol days

Assuage (verb)

To soothe or make easier

Saccharine (adj)

Overly sweet

Stanza (noun)

A section of a poem

Jeopardy (noun)


Supercilious (adj)

arrogant/conceited attitude

Avarice (noun)

Greed; strong desire to keep wealth

Pivotal (adj)

Important, critical

Blithe (adj)

Free spirited, carefree, without worrying