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National Council of Teachers of English - NCTE
nonfinite verb phrases (structures that function to modify nouns: adjectives, nouns, prepositional phrases, nonfinite verbs, adjective clauses, and reduced clauses
The _____ dog ____ was very _____.
The table that was covered in paper was being used by the students.
Adjective Clause
-ly words; quickly
When I began school, the weather was hot.
- These begin w/a subordinate conjuction: as, after, although, as if, as though, till, that, when, etc
Adverbial clause
She be happy, instead The woman is always happy.
African American Vernacular English (AAVE)
The birds sing.
The bird sings.
The boy is a great dancer. He wants a career on the stage.
My student the genius will do great things with her life.
Refers to the nature of the action of the perfect and progressive forms of a verb: whether it is or is not continuing, whether it has or does not have an effect in the present, whether it ocurs in contrast to another action in the past, and so on.
I am running that race.
Auxiliary verbs
a word formed by removing parts of another word; the act of producing such a word
smoke + fog = smog
Braydon, who is a senior in high school, is very talented with technology.
the act of a speaker (or writer) who moves between two or more dialects or languages in a single conversation or piece of writing. It is done between phrases and clauses, usually not in the middle of them.
Houa works very hard in my class, his grades are excellent.
comma splice
The sun is hot.
When we read that poem, we wanted to cry.
Complex sentence
I went to the beach, and I learned to surf because it was a wonderful challenge.
Compound-complex sentence
I myself wrote that poem.
I washed myself.
Compound personal pronouns
cup + cake = cupcake
I went to the beach, and I learned to surf.
Compound sentence
phrases such as together with are considered to be a single (but conglomerate) preposition.
Conglomerate prepositions
I like summer; however; it is very hot in my town.
Conjuctive adverbs