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1 kcal =
4. kilojoules
1 kilojoule =
0.239 kcal
gross energy
the kcal obtained from bomb calorimeter. It has not yet been corrected for the amount of energy lost in the stools or that part not physiologically available to the body.
is measured when a body is at rest under less rigorously controlled conditions.
BEE measuring conditions
after 12 hr fast
after waking up
neutral temps
quick method of BEE
1 kcal/kg/hr
probelm with harris benedict
may overestimate needs
Total Caloric Requirements (when using BEE) equal
BEE multiplied by (stress factor + PA)
3 ways to calculate BEE
quick method
harris benedict
What is the most important determinant of BEE?
PA usually accounts fo __ precent of kcal needs
15-20%.. highly variable
TEF accounts for what percent?
7-10% of energy expenditure.
direct calorimetry
subject placed in water and the raise in temp is recorded. equivalent to energy expenditure.
indirect calorimetry determined from
measuring the inspired and expired volumes.Then taking the ratio.