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what are the hormones that are produced by the anterior pituitary gland?
what hormones are stored by the posterior pituitary gland?
OT and ADH
what hormones are produced by the thyroid glands? specifically the follicular cells of the thyroid glands?
what hormone is produced by the thyroid gland? specifically the parafollicular cells?
CT, calcitonin
What is produced by the parathyroid gland?
what hormones are produced in the adrenal cortext?
aldosterone and cortisol
HGH hormones have two actions, what are they?
protein anabolism/synthesis and lipolysis (breaking down of triglycerides into fatty acids to ATP
What are the disorders for HGH?
hyposecretion: dwarfism, kids
hypersecretion: giantism, kids, acromegaly, adults
what is the action of the tsh hormone?
stimulate the synthesis/secretion of t3/t4 hormones
what is the disorder for tsh
t3/t4 disorders or hyposecretion: cretinism, myxedema
hypersecretion: grave's disease, adults
what action does acth have on cortisol?
it stimulates the synthesis/secretion of cortisol
what are the disorders of cortisol?
cortisol inhibits inflammation
what hormone is a major metabolic hormone, stimulates bmr, and stimulates protein synthesis?
what are the disorders for t3/t4?
hypo? cretinism
hyper? graves disease
calcitonin does what to osteoclasts"
calcitonin inhibits the action of osteoclasts which decreases the blood ca level
what does pth do to osteoclasts?
pth stimulates the activity of osteoclasts thus increasing the blood Calcium levels and takes it out of bone into the blood stream
what are the diseases of cortisol?
hypersecretion? cushing's syndrome
thymosin is produced by what organ?
thymus gland
EPI is produced by what organ?
adrenal medulla
NE is produced by what organ?
adrenal medulla
what does thymosin do? what is the action of this?
stimulate maturation of t-cells
insulin is produced by what?
pancreas, beta=islets