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descibe a flail chest
3 or more ribs broken in 2 or more places each rib.
describe signs & symptoms of a M.I. and Angina
Angina; crushing,squeezing,tightening, pain in the chest usually caused by lack of O2 to the myocardium (heart).
Name 2 types of airway maneuvers.
1.Head tilt chin lift
2.Jaw thrust
Name 2 types of suction catheters and what is the longest time one shuold suction for.
1. Hard or rigid; referred to as tonsil tip or tonsil sucker.
2. Soft catheter or French catheter.
15 sec.
when is it o.k. to give oral glucose.(standing order) list 3
1. pt. is known to be a diabetic.
2. pt. is altered (a.m.s.)
3. pt. is conscious & if glucose isn't expired , and that pt is able to protect airway.
Describe D.M. and the dfferance between T1 & T2
diabetes mellitus; a desease in which the normal relationship between the glucose and insulin are altered.

type 1; presents before the age of 40 , low or no levle of insulin . average or under weight . controled by injections.

type 2; presents later , insulin deficient associated w/ obesity controled w/ diet.
describe the cause of type 2. diabetes.
often occurs in cases of old age 40+ and associated with obesity in result of diminished tissue sensitivity to insulin and or insulin deficiency.
Define hypoglycemia,
hypoglycemia; to much sugar in the system. aka: DIABETIC KETO ACIDOSIS (DKA)AKA: DIABETIC COMA.