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What is the purpose of critical stress debriefing?
To address and potentially decrease PTSD
What is the myocardial?
The heart muscle
Describe the blood flow pattern through the heart
Right atrium, right ventricle, pulmonary arteries take blood to the lungs, lung to the pulmonary veins, pulmonary veins to the left atrium, to the left ventricle, to the aorta, to the inferior and superior vena cava.
What is dependent lividity?
pooling of the blood in the lower parts of the body after death.
How quickly do brain cells die without oxygen?
4 - 6 minutes
When does heat stroke occur?
When the body is subjected to more heat than it can handle and normal mechanisms for handling heat are overwhelmed.
What is the contraindication for medical control?
Calling medical control
What is putrefaction?
Decompositions of body tissues
What type of temperatures cause febrile seizures?
Rapidly rising temperatures
What is the leaf shaped structure above the larynx?
The epiglotis
Shivering increases body temperature by which process?
by increasing the rate of metabolism.
What is whooping cough? Who gets it? Transmission?Clinical name?
It is an airborne disease clinical name pertussis, mostly affects children.
What makes up gray matter?
3/4 of the brain. the frontal parietal,temporal,and occipital lobes.
When does golden hour begin and end?
The time when the injury occurs to definitive occur.