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cotton gin
a simple machine that quickly and efficiently removed the seeds from a certain southern crop
an artificial waterway
Francis Cabot Lowell
Created one of the first factories in New England which employed many young women
a toll road
one of several separate compartmets where water levels are raised or lowered
loyalty to the region you live in
Monroe Doctrine
1. U.S. did not want more colonization in the Western Hemisphere, U.S. would not bother existing colonies. 2. The Western Hemisphere was closed to future colonization & the U.S. would do something if this happened.
interchangeable parts
to make large quantities of uniform pieces that could replace any other identical parts
Eli Whitney
Came up with the idea of interchangeable parts and invented the cotton gin
James Monroe
Was President of the U.S. during the Era of Good Feelings. He helped create a doctrine which would keep Europe out of the Western Hemisphere.

Robert Fulton
created a more powerful steam engine to power steamboats
factory system
an arrangement of bringing manufacturing steps together in one place to increase efficiency
Missouri Compromise
Any state north of the 36 30 line would enter as a free state. Maine would enter as a free state and Missouri would enter as a slave state.
Industrial Revolution
Many inventions were made during this time to make things run more efficiently
someone who makes something for the first time
a tax on foreign goods
money for investment
Samuel Slater
Was the first to create a mill/factory system in the U.S. He memorized the mill plans from England where he once lived.
a grant that gives an inventor sole legal right to an invention and its profits for a certain period of time
someone who markets an invented item, risks everything--puts out the money