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Standard Of Living

The access to good and services that make life more comfortable


The way people and communities live and express themselves

Direct Tax

Tax paid directly to the government. Eg Income Tax

Indirect Tax

Tax paid by households through the goods they buy Eg. VAT, SIN

Self Sufficient Societies

When you meets most of your needs through yhe environment

Modern Societies

A society that is industrialised and uses science and reason to explain things rather than religion and tradition

Rural Societies

An area where there are a few people and where the peoples main economic activities are in the primary sector

Why is there Unemployment?

Not enough jobs, person is fired, person is a graduate looking for a job

What is a Government?

A group of people who are elected by the public to run and control the affairs of a country

National Government

Responsibe for general management of the country and citezens

Provincial Government

Led by a Premier

*Interpret laws from the National Gvt

*Make thier own laws not overiding the national laws

Local Government

Deals with issues on a local level with towns and cities

*Health Services, Water Services, Electricity Sevices, Protection Services


Making of laws


Runs the country


Enforces the laws

Roles of The Gvt

*Manage Economic Conditions

*Protect nation from enemies

*Development of Infrastructure

*Provide good medical for citezens

*Make sure the constitution is followed

Where does the Government get thier money?

Through people's icome, water tax, Electricity tax, VAT sales tax

National Budget

Calculates how much money a gvt has collected and how it is going to be used

How SA spends its Revenue??

*Pay Debt

*Emergency Fund

*National-SAPS, Universities, Courts


*Local- Water, Housing, Security, Electricity

Cycle of National Budget

Good Economy-More Earnings-Pay More Taxes

Bad Economy-Less earnings- Pay less tax

Factors of Production






Work that people do

Payment- Salary/ Wages