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What city purchased is first fire engine in 1653?


In what year did Boston form the first-ever paid for company?


The Iroquois Theater Fire in 1903 caused laws to be enacted that required_____?_____ to be installed on exit doors.

Panic Hardware

Panic Hardware


What incident led to stricter fire and life safety requirements for assembly-type occupancies?

Coconut Grove Nightclub Fire, Boston, 1942


What is the purpose NCFPC?

The purpose of the commission was to determine how to reduce fire loss in America.


Line Functions


Name some cultural strengths.

All-Hazard Concept

Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)

What is pride?

A feeling of self-respect and self-worth

Line Functions/Personnel

Staff/Support Functions/Personnel

External Customers

Internal Customers

Multiple companies within a response area are grouped into_____?_____.

Battalion or district

Who/what oversees the day to day functions of the battalion?

The operations division.

When and where was the first recorded major fire in the New World?

Jamestown, 1608

What was formed in 1658?

The New Amsterdam Fire Company

What organization performed fire prevention work and imposed fines on violators after being appointed by Governor Peter Stuyvesant in 1647?

Surveyors of Buildings

The citizens of Philadelphia, encouraged by the success of Boston's fire company, formed a fire society in 1735. Guided by_____?____, they formed the_____?_____.

Benjamin Franklin / Union Fire Company

New York formed it's own volunteer fire company in what year?