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Speaker 1: Greeting

Speaker 2: Response to the greeting
Speaker 1: aHlan wa saHlan

Speaker 2: aHlan beek (m) / beeki (f)
Speaker 1: Good Morning!

Speaker 2: Response to Good Morning..
Speaker 1: SabaH xil xeer

Speaker 2: SabaH in-noor
Speaker 1: What time is it?

Speaker 2: It's 8 o'clock
Speaker 1: Ise3a Caem?

Speaker 2: Ise3a tamanya
"Caem" means "How Many?" - so the question literally means "The Hour: How many?". "Caem" can be used in several other situations.
Man: How are you?

Woman: Good. And you?
Man: Ezzayyik?

Woman: Kwayyisa. W'inta?
Woman: How are you?

Man: Good. And you?
Woman: Ezzayyak?

Man: Kwayyis. W'inti