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New Deal
create jobs...regulates businesses...wagner act
hoovers economic plan
voluntary action...failed
FDR ~ economic plan
get gov't involved in business
Economy of early and mid 1920's
terri fogarti!!!!!!!!!! economy was in good shape, stocks valued at $27 billion...real wages(what money could actually buy) had increased more than 40%...welfare capitalism...wealth was unevenly distributed...too many goods, too little demand
election of 1932
hoover vs. FDR...FDR wins
2nd new deal
launch of a new bolder burst of legeslative activity in 1934
Failures of New Deal
didn't benefit women or minorities...right wing said, too much...left wing said, not enough
treatments of minorities (new deal)
minorites had none of the positive things that the country got
dust bowl
midwestern states that experienced sever drought...many people migrated towards california and oregon
21st amendment
prohibition repealed
effects of crash money...people losing homes...depression...
1st 100 days in office
programs to: provide relief, create jobs, and stimulate economic recovery
crash of 1929
banks closed...people lost jobs...unstable economy...gross national product(gnp) way down
causes of crash't policies...unstable economy
Pack Supreme Court
FDR tried to add more people to the supreme court...mainly liberals