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What is ORM?

Operational Risk Management - Used as a tool for making smart decisions regarding anticiapated hazards
What are the 5 steps in the ORM Process?
- Identify Hazards
- Assess The Hazards
- Make Risk Decisions
- Implement Controls
- Supervise
What is the Safety and Mishap reporting instruction?
What are the Mishap classifications and the associated Mishap Cost?
Class A: $1 Million or More
Class B: $200,000 - $1 Million
Class C: $20,000 - $200,000
What is a RAC and what are the 5 basic RACs?
Expression of the risk associated with a hazard that combines severity and probability.
1 - Critical
2 - Serious
3 - Moderate
4 - Minor
5 - Negligable
What is a HAZREP?
A hazard is an unsafe act or conditions in the work enviornment with potential to cause injury or damage. Units are strongly encouraged to investigate and submit a HAZREP on significant hazardous conditions or near-mishaps that have the potential to affect other commands.
What is HERO?
Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordanance (HERO_ is the program concerned with prevention of accidental ignition of electrically initiated devices in ordanance due to RF electromagnetic fields.
What is HERP?
Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Personnel (HERP) is the danger of producing harmful biological effects in humans by exposure to radiation frequency in electromagnetic fields.
What is HERF?
Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Fuels (HERF) is the danger igniting volatile combustibles by spark ignition due to radio frequency electromagnetic fields of sufficient intensity.
What is HAZMAT?
Hazardous material that is usually flmmable or poisonous that would be a danger to life or enviornment if released without precautions.
Explain HAZMAT Storage?
Hazardous materials are stored in a storeroom or in lockers designated flammable or hazardous materials.
What is MSDS?
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are technical bulletins that contain information about hazardous material. They contain all the information you would ever need to know about any of the HAZMAT.
What does PPE stand for and describe some of them.
PPE is Personal Protective Equipment. Items include: Gloves, Respirator, Boots, Goggles, hearing protection.
What are three objectives to first aid?
- Maintain Breathing
- Stop bleeding
- Prevent or treat for shock.
What are three methods to control bleeding?
- Direct pressure
- Pressure Points
- Tourniquet
The three heat related injurys?
Heat Stress
Heat Exhaustion - Pupils Dilated, Moist and Clammy Skin
Heat Stroke - Dry skin, pupils constricted
What are the six areas which comprise Naval Doctrine?
Naval Command and Control
Naval Operations
Naval Warfare
Naval Logistics
Naval Intelligence
Naval Planning
What is the first ship named after an enlisted man? Who was he?
-USS OSMOND INGRAM (DD 255). Launched 28 FEB 1919

- First enlisted man KIA in WWI. GM1 spotted an approaching torpedo from a GERMAN U-6, realizing it would strike he jettisoned the ammo and was blown overboard when the torpedo struck.
When is the Navy's birthday? How many vessels did we have when we were created?
13 October 1775 with the purchase of two vessels
What are the three classes of naval vessels at USN's inception?
- Ships-of-the-line
- Frigates
- Sloops of War
Describe the process of saluting the Ensign on a ship.
All hands, upon coming on board, salute ensign followed by the OOD. When leaving, render the salutes in inverse order.
Dipping the Ensign.
Merchant ships "salute" USN ships by lowering national colors to half-mast; USN ship
will “dip” the ensign to half-mast for a few seconds then close it up, after which the
merchant ship raises its own flag; USN ships only answer salutes –they do not initiate
Describe the importance of the Battle of Coral Sea:
First-ever sea battle where the opposing ships never saw each other. May 1942.
Describe the importance of the Voyage of the Great White Fleet.
Ordered by Theodore Roosevelt, 16 Battleships circumnavigated the globe to "show the flag" and showcase the blue-water capability.
Describe the importance of the Battle of Normandy.
It was the largest amphibious operation in history. Brought the war to the Germans. Happened on 06 June 1944.
Describe the importance of the Battle of Midway:
Battle of Midway was the turning point of the Pacific War. Admiral Nimitz expertly positioned three carriers beyond Japanese recon range. We sunk 4 Japanese carriers while losing only the USS YORKTOWN. Happened JUN 1942.
Discuss the importance of Guadalcanal.
US Marines were to secure the island. We sank ships but lost the USS JUNEAU which was the same ship the FIVE SULLIVAN BROTHERS were on.
Discuss the importance of the Battle of Leyte Gulf
It was the largest naval battle in history.
FIRST EFFECTIVE USE OF ELINT by using radar signals to track Japanese movements.
Describe importance of Mercury 3 and who was involved.
- Alan Shepard completes first US manned spaceflight
- All astronauts involved were naval aviators.
Describe the importance of Apollo 11
- JUL 1969 - First moon landing.
- Neal Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were naval aviators.
What was the On-The-Roof-Gang?
Classes training naval cryptographers. The classes took place on top of the school house roof and the students weren't allowed to discuss what they were doing - thus "On-The-Roof-Gang"
What is PURPLE?
PURPLE was the second of two Japanese diplomatic cipher systems. PURPLE messages never revealed Japanese intentions to attack Pearl Harbor.
Describe the historical significance of the Battle of Midway as it relates to Information Dominance.
Admiral Nimitz sent a message citing there was a water shortage which Japan intercepted; There was no water shortage and Nimitz prepared to ambush Japan.
- Showed the use of denial and deception, US successfully scouting the Japanese attack due to reliable SIGINT.
Describe the historical significance of the USS LIBERTY as it relates to Information Dominance
- It was tasked to collect SIGINT in the Eastern Med during Israel's Six-Day War
- June 8 1967 - Collecting Egyptian comms when it was bombed by Israeli Mirage fighter jets and torpedoed by Israeli patrol boats.
- 34 Sailors died.
Describe the historical significance of the USS PUEBLO as it relates to Information Dominance.
- USS PUEBLO was captured by North Korea while on a mission similar to LIBERTY's while collecting off of North Korea.
- The crew managed to destroy less than 10 percent of classified material; the North Koreans transferred sensitive cryptographic technology to the Russians.
- One sailor KIA; the remaining 82 crew members held in captivity for 11 months.
Describe the historical significance of the Hainan Island landing as it relates to Information Dominance
- EP-3 was collecting off of China.
- F-8 FINBACK was sent up, and sucked into the EP-3's turbulance.
- After 11 days of highly publicized captivity, questioning, and an American apology, the 24 member crew was permitted to return home
Describe the historical significance of the USS STARK as it relates to Information Dominance
- 17 MAY 87
- Struck by two EXOCENT missiles fired from an Iraqi MIRAGE
- Failures by IDW contributed to the loss of 37 sailors
- STARK crew didn't realize the MIRAGE could carry two EXOCET's
State and define the three levels of war.
- Strategic: Support of national goals
- Operational: Forces collectively in theater
- Tactical: Details of individual engagements
What did the National Security Act of 1947 accomplish?
Established the CIA, Established the National Security Council, Merged the War and Navy Departments into the DoD
State when and why the Core Values were developed.
- Core Values were born with the birth of the Navy in 1775
- 1992 CNO ADM Kelso officially set forth three core values to build and direct the character development of Naval personnel
Discuss when the Sailors Creed was developed.
- Written in 1993 at direction of ADM Kelso
- In 1994, CNO Jeremy Boorda made the creed all-hands
State RADM Grace Hoppers contributions to the USN
- Known as First Lady of Software
- Hoppers work foreshadowed enormous numbers of developments that are still the very bones of digital computing.
Explain the impact of the John Walker espionage case
John Walker was a retired USN CWO, who was convicted of spying and leading a spy group spying for the USSR from 1968-`985.
State the oldest intelligence organization in the USN
Office of Naval Intelligence
Explain when ONI was established and by whom
- March 1882, by Secretary of the Navy William Hunt
- Established to "seek out and report" on the advancements in other nations' navies
State the mission of the US NAVY
To maintain, train and equip combat-ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression, and maintaining freedom of the seas.
Discuss the NCA, its members, and functions.
- National Command Authroity
- Consists of President and SECDEF
- Ultimate source of military orders
- Only the NCA can order the use of nuclear weapons
Discuss the difference between OPCON and ADCON
- Operational control will transfer as a ship chops into the waters of the different fleets.
- Administrative control lies with the ship's home command / CNO
State 5 different COCOMs and their location.
- PACOM: Pearl Harbor, HI
- EUCOM: Stuttgart, Germany
- JFCOM: Norfolk, VA
- NORTHCOM: Peterson AFB, CO
- AFRICOM: Stuttgart, Germany
IDW Commands
- USCYBERCOM - Ft. Meade, MD
- CNO N2/N6 - Pentagon
- ONI - Suitland Maryland
2nd Fleet
HQ: Norfolk, VA
AOR: North Atlantic Ocean
3rd Fleet
HQ: San Diego, CA
AOR: Western Pacific
4th Fleet
HQ: Mayport, FL
AOR: South Atlantic
5th Fleet
HQ: Manama, Bahrain
AOR: Suez Canal to India Ocean
6th Fleet
HQ: Naples, Italy
AOR: Black and Mediterranean Seas,Parts of the middle east to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa
7th Fleet
HQ: Yokosuka, Japan
AOR: Eastern Pacific
10th Fleet
HQ: Fort Meade, MD
AOR: Worldwide
Define a TF
A Task Force is a formation established to work on a single defined task or activity
Define a TG
A task group is assigned to a task force. For example, a CSG or an ESG may be a major component of a Task Force
Define a TU
A Task Unit is within a TG. For example, a MEU may be embarked on an assault ship as part of a TF
A Task Element is an individual component of a TF - such as a ship
Define the IDC Ratings:
- AG
- IS
- IT
AG - Aerographers Mate - Metorological and oceanographic experts
- CTI - Cryptologic Technician Interpretive - Linguists
- CTM - Cryptologic Technician Maintenance - Installation, configuration, diagnosis, and repair of computer networks
- CTN - Cryptologic Technician Networks - Computer networks and threats against networks
- CTR - Crypto Technician Collection - Analyze digital communication signals
- CTT - Technical - Analyze radar signals
Define C4ISR
Command Control Computer Communications and ISR
Define NASIC
The National Air and Space Intelligence Center is the US military's primary producer of aerospace intelligence
State the mission of the NCDOC
Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command - In charge of Naval network defense
Commander In Chief
President Obama
Responsible for initiating military in support of our national interests
Leon Panetta
- Responsible for formulation of defnese policy and policy related to the DoD
Mr. Ray Maybus
- Civilian in charge of the Department of the Navy is responsible for policies and control of DoN organization, admin, ops, and efficiency
Adm. Gary Roughead
- Chief of Naval Operations is principal advisor to the SECNAV and the President on the conduct of war
Fleet Commander in Charge
Responsible for the operating forces within their fleet.
Type Commander (TYCOM)
Responsible for OPERATIONAL READINESS of the force group within their command
MCPON Rick West
- Senior enlisted representative of the Navy
Fleet Master Chief
Virtually same responsibility as CMC but responsible for larger fleet commands
Force Master Chief
Same as Fleet MC but responsible for larger force commands.
Senior enlisted person at a command
- Liaison between the CO and enlisted ranks
Define CCRI
Command Cyber Readiness Inspection - Serves as a "quick look" for conducting compliance validations for the COCOMS
Define EDVR
Enlisted Distribution and Verification Report - Monthly statement of personnel, present/future manning, historical record
List 3 sections in the EDVR
Section 5: Personnel Status Summary
Section 7: NEC Billet and Personnel Inventory
Section 8: list of individuals who are qualified in NECs
Define ODCR
Officer Distibution Control Report
- same thing as an EDVR except for officers
Define AMD
Activity Manpower Document
- Provides the quantitative and qualitative manpower requirments and manpower authorizations allocated to a command
State the Purpose of an EVAL
Provide a realistic and accurate reflection of enlisted personnel fitness for the service and performance
State the purprose of a FITREP
Similar to an EVAL except for Officers
What is on a Page 2?
Emergency Data
What is on a page 4?
Chronological history of service members training, quals, and awards
What is SGLI
Service memebers Group Life Insurance - Who gets your money if you die
What is on a page 13?
Miscellaneous entries such as administrative remarks, counslings etc.
Describe the purpose and categories of a SITREP
Official reports on a situation whether, dire or otherwise.
OPREP 3 Navy Unit SITREP - is a report mainly used for describing events that are significant but are not of high interest to the navy or national level
OPREP 3 Pinnacle: Is a report where a situation of a national level has been determined,
Discuss the importance of the IG
Inspector General: Support the Navy in maintaining the highest level of integrity and public confidence. Inspect investigate or inquire into claims of fraud, sexual harassment, racism, etc.
State the purpose of the Navy Correspondence Manual
End all - be all of correspondence and how things should be formatted
Explain the PTS Program
Acts as a force shaping tool by leveling rating manning from overmanned to undermanned.
List a couple of officer accession programs that are available to enlisted personnel
- Naval Academy
- STA-21
- Naval Officer Candidate school
Explain what the DLPT is
- Defense Language Proficiency Test - Foreign language tests intended to assess the general language proficency of native English speakers in a specific foreign language
Describe the 6 prgorams of Brilliant on the Basicas
- Sponsorship / first 72 hours
- Indoctination
- Career Development Board
- Ombudsman Program
- Mentorship
- Recognition Programs
Explain the purpose of the PAO
- Public Affairs Office: distribute information to the public, handle media relations, and community outreach while being responsible for Freedom of Information Act requests
- Public Affairs Officer: Handles visual, audio, and written communications for internal and public audiences, chooses the best media to deliver information
Discuss the purpose of 3-M
Maintenance and Material Management: The nucleus for managing afloat and applicable shore station equipment; provides maintenance and material managers throughout the Navy with a process for planning, acquiring, organizing, directing, controlling, and evaluating the manpower and material resources used to support maintenance.
Discuss the purpose of PMS
Preventive Maintenance System: A standardized method for planning, scheduling and accomplishing preventative maintenance by ship's force - procedures are minimum requirement to maintain equipment in fully operable condition
Explain the DPAS
Defense Property Accountability System - An asset management system used to support DoD property accountability. Everything about all property.
Discuss the purpose of the MOV program
Material Obligation Validation - is a back-order. Unfilled quantity of requisition not available immediately to you.
Discuss the DLRs program
Depot Level Repairables: Stuff that can be fixed
Explain the procedures for NRFI DLRs in the following situation:
Remain in Place:
Turn in: You're turning in the part for an even exchange
Remain in Place: Wait for the new part before turning in the carcass
Define the purpose of a MAM
Maintenance Assistance Modules: Items that have been designated to be in close proximity to the equipment they support, speeding up maintenance and reducing down time of critical equipment
Define the purpose of a Bulkhead mounted spare:
Spare parts mounted on the bulkhead alongside the service equipment for immediate use and readily accessible
Define a CASREP and the types and categories
Casualty Report: Occurs when equipment can't be repaired within 48 hours.
CASREP report types:
- Initial
- Update
- Cancel
- Correction
-- C-4: Loss of at least one primary mission
-- C-2: Minor degradation of primary mission
National Stock Number: Official label applied to an item of supply that is repeatedly produced/stocked throughout the federal supply system
SF 44
Pocket-size form designated for on-the-spot, over the counter purchases of supplies
Discuss CHRIMP
Consolidated Hazardous Material Reutilization and Inventory Management Program
Explain OPTAR and its components:
Operating Target: An estimate of the amount of money required by an operating ship, staff or unit to perform tasks and functions
- S&E: Supplies and equipage go to all ships
- Repair of Other Vessels: Tender/repair ships
State the difference between Normal Power, Emergency Power, Uninterrupted power
Normal Power - Commercially available power
Emergency Power - Requirment for emergency power backup on essential systems
Uninterrupted Power - Critical equipment and systems that cannot risk loss of data or performance should be placed on uninterrupitable power supply
EO 12968
Access to classified Information
Access to Classified information
EO 12968
Define the classification categories
- Top Secret (Yellow) - Exceptionally Grave Damage
- Secret (Red) - Serious Damage
- Confidential (Blue) - Damage
- UNCLAS (Green)
Explain what is meant by "need to know"
Need of information to complete duties and functions
Type of investigation for TS Clearance
Single Scope Background Investigation is the EO 12968 - updated every five years
Type of investigation for S clearance
National Agency Check with Local Agency and Credit checks is the EO 12968
10 and 15 year intervals
Identify what a SAER is and its purpose
Security Access Eligibility Report - Identifies personnel acces dispositions from Command Security Managers based upon Need to know and Security Access Level
- Can be used to: Upgrade security clearance due to position change
Identify events that should be reported to SSO
- Information Spillage
- Security Violations
- Unauthorized space access
Who has overall authority of, and controls access to a SCIF
Identify the use of the following forms
SF703, SF702, SF701, SF312
SF312 - Classified information nondisclosure agreement
SF 702 - Security container check sheet
SF701 - Activity security checklist
SF 703 - Top Secret Cover Sheet
State when safe combos should be changed
When the lock is initially placed
Person with knowledge of combo no longer requires access
Compromise of combonation
Who is the FDO and what are their responsibilities
Foreign Disclosure Officer approves disclosure of classified and controlled unclas information to foreign representatives
Explain the purpose of the DCS
Defense Courier Service - Secure transmission of qualified classified documents and material
Describe the procedures for preparing hard copy classified material for transportation via Hand carry
Use a classified material cover sheet, file folder, or other covering to prevent inadvertent disclosure when handcarrying classified information within the command - Double-wrap the classified info when carrying outside the command
Discuss an EAP / EDP
Emergency Action Plan - Written for safeguarding COMSEC material in the event of an emergency
State who can give the order to initiate Emergency Destruction
CO initiates it
Define SCI
Sensitive Compartmented Information: Classified information to be handled within formal access control systems
Explain JPAS
Joint Personnel Adjudication System - A DoD system storying clearances
Explain why the navy only uses .mil addresses on government systems
DoD has exclusive use of domain
Define Information Assurance
Information Operations that protect and defend data and IS by ensuring their availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation.
What are the five attributes of Information assurance
- Confidentiality
- Integrity
- Availability
- Non-repudiation
- Authentication
What are 3 catagories of Computer incidents?
- Root level intusion
- User Leven Intrusion
- Denial Of Service
Define vulnerability Assessment
Process of identifying quantifying and prioritizing the vulnerabilities of a system
Define Vulnerability Vs Threat
Vulnerability - Weakness in an information system
Threat - Any circumstance or event with the potential to adversly impact organization ops through an information system
State the duties and responsibilities of the IAM
Makes sure there is IA compliance
Explain the folowing Network Terminology:
Bus Topology
network architecture in which a set of clients are connected via a shared communications line
Explain the folowing Network Terminology:
Star Topology
Is one of the most common computer network topologies. A star network consists of one central switch which acts as a conduit to transmit messages.
Explain the folowing Network Terminology:
Mesh topology
Combination of different topologies like Ring, Star, Bus
Internet Protocol Version 4 is 32 bits IP addresses that we can use commonly
Internet Protocol Version 6 is 128 bits of information
What does JWICS stand for
Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
Defense Information Systems Network
OCONUS Navy Enterprise Network
is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer.
Self replicating malware
Define a PKI
PKI is an arrangement that binds public keys with respective user identities by means of a certificate authority
Define the purpose of a Red Cross message
Red Cross message is a means of notifying a service member of a death, injury or illness of an immediate family member
Discuss GINGERBREAD and explain the procedures involved
GINGERBREAD is a code word used to indicate that an unauthroized person is on a communication circuit. The procedure, if heard, is to state "Roger, Out" and cease communication on that circuit.
Discuss types of disclosures afforded protection by the EEFI list
Designed to protect: Position, capabilities, operations, electronic warfare, personnel, comsec information etc.
Discuss BEADWINDOWN and explain the procedures involved.
BEADWINDOW is a code word used to notify a transmitting station that they have disclosed an EEFI.
Define RIVER CITY and state when it is utilized
RIVER CITY provides procedures to control outgoing paths from ship and shore systems for purpose of OPSEC and force protection.
Plain Language Address is a common used name to represent a command address in place of a routing indicator.
Coordinated Universal time aka Zulu Time, aka GMT
Routine message
The handling time is not exceed 24 hours
Priority Message
The handling time is not to exceed 3 hours
In-station handling time is not to exceed 30 minutes
Not to exceed 10 minutes
Reserved for messages used to relay critical information to national agencies. The message should be to the relaying station within 3 minutes of critical event and NSA in 10 Minutes
State the purpose of OTAT/OTAR
Over the Air Transfer/ Over the air rekey is used to transfer comsec over an encrypted radio circuit
Describe TEMPEST
TEMPEST is the code name given to the investigation, study, and control of compromising emanations from telecommunications and automated information processing systems
State the purpose of EMCON
Emissions Control is used to limit/alter the emissions in order to change the electromagnetic profile of the ship/station.

State the seven principles of Naval Logistics.


1. Responsiveness - Providing the right support at the right time, at the right place.
2. Simplicity - Avoiding unnecessary complexity in preparing, planning and conducting logistic operations.
3. Flexibility - Adapting logistic support to changing conditions.
4. Economy - Employing logistic support assets effectively.
5. Attainability - Acquiring the minimum essential logistic support to begin combat operations.
6. Sustainability - Providing logistic support for the duration of the operation.
7. Survivability - Ensuring that the logistic infrastructure prevails in spite of degradation and damage.
State three of the warfare missions.
–(ASW) Anti Submarine Warfare: Operations conducted with the intention of denying the enemy effective use of submarines
–(SUW) Surface Warfare: Operations conducted to destroy or neutralize enemy naval surface forces and merchant vessels
–(IW) Information Warfare: Operations conducted to decrease the adversaries information and information systems capabilities
–(AW) Air Warfare: Operations conducted to deny the enemy use of air and ground assets
–(STW) Strike Warfare: Naval operations to destroy or neutralize enemy targets ashore, including facilities and operating bases which the enemy is capable of conducting or supporting air, surface, or subsurface operations
–(NSW) Naval Special Warfare: Operations conducted by small, highly trained units (SEAL, SWCC, EOD) in maritime environmen
Explain how the reserve component integrates with the Active component
Be prepared to conduct prompt and sustained combat ops at sea in support of US national interests
Explain the purpose of a mobile detachment
Units with specific skills that can be deployed on a moments notice to fulfill a requirement by a commander (example: ONI)
Discuss the 5 IO Core capabilities
- Operational Security
- Military Deception
- Electronic Warfare
Convey selected truth
Define the roles of the US Navy Blue and Red Teams
Blue Team: A group who identifies the security threats and risks in the operating enviornment to aid in security readiness and posture
Red Team: A group of people authorized to emulate an attack on enterprises security posture.
Who controls ROE.
The JAG.
Critical information concerning possible threats to US national security that needs immediate attention of the POTUS and the NSC
- Examples: Major natural disaster, use of weapons of mass destruction, assassination of a world leader, etc.
- Needs to be on presidents desk in 10 minutes, written and sent out in three minutes
Cryptologic Carry-on Program provides SSES capabilities where one does not exist.
Maritime Domain Awareness: The collection, fusion, and dissemination of intelligence for the protection of oceans, rivers and waterways from piracy, terrorism, drug smuggling and any other outside threats.
Define OPSEC
OPSEC is used for protection of Sensitive but Unclassified information
What is the 5 step process of OPSEC?
- Identify Critical information/Critical information list
- Analysis of threats
- Analyze vulnerabilities
- Assessments of risks
- Assessments of counter measures
OPSEC officer
-Advises the CO on all OPSEC matters
- Provides OPSEC training
Why should the PAO coordinate with the OPSEC Officer?
Assess the realisability of information
State one of the purposes of Naval Intelligence
Support the commander - Allows the commander to fight smarter by supporting his selection of the best courses of action
Define the 6 steps of the intelligence cycle
- Planning and Direction
- Collection
- Processing and Exploitation
- Analysis and Production
- Dissemination and Integration
- Evaluation and Feedback
Describe the three catagories of intelligence
Define National, Theater, and Fleet level intelligence organization
National - ONI
Tactical - NAVCENT
Priority Intelligence requirement - Formalized intelligence requirements; critical pieces of intelligence the commander must know by a particular time to plan and execute a successful mission
Commanders Critical Information Requirements (CCIRs) - A comprehensive list of information requirements identified by the commander as being critical in facilitating timely information management and the decision making process that affect successful mission accomplishment
IO - Intelligence Oversight
Intelligence Oversight - Will not collect against US citizens EO 12333
Define the difference between US citizen and US person
A citizen is someone born in the US
A person is a citizen within the US - an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence
Define IPB
Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace - Systematic and continuous analysis of the adversary, terrain, and weather in the assigned battlespace. Knowing all you can about the threat and putting the pieces together
Three types of intelligence briefs
Why are radio waves important?
They are the basic format of all electronics.
Up to 3KHZ. . Very slow 1 one

The higher the frequency

The more information that can be transmitted


The number of cycles that occur in one second, (Hz)


The distance from any point on a cycle to the corresponding point on the next cycle


Trapping of an RF wave between two layers of the earth’s atmosphere or between an atmospheric layer and the earth.


Bending of electromagnetic waves caused by a change in the density of the medium through which waves are passing


Method for simultaneous transmission of two or more signals over a common carrier wave to transmit a lot of intelligence on one signal


Impressing intelligence upon signal
removal of intelligence from signal


Difference between the highest useable frequency of a device and the lowest usable frequency of the device
Troposphere: Virtually all weather takes place in the troposphere. Variations in temperature have a great affect on radio waves
No influence on comms. Most important region for long distance, point to point communications.
Little effect on radio waves.
Radio Waves
Energy waves generated by transmitter
Radio waves may be reflected from various substances or objects they meet during travel between two sites
Waves passing through the atmosphere are affected by certain factors, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, and density causing the radio waves to be refracted back to earth


The bending of radio waves around an obstacle resulting in a change of direction
What does RADAR stand for and what can it do?
Radio Detection and Ranging -
- Target range
- Target size
- Target speed
Define Pulse repetition interval
Interval between the start of one pulse and the start of the next pulse; determines the power of radar (amplification)
Define a Fire Control Radar
Also known as tracking radar, provides continuous positional data on a target
Explain the differences between OPELINT and TECHELINT
Operational ELINT: Concerned with operationally relevent information such as the location, movement, employment, tactics, and activity of foreign noncommunications emitters and their associated weapon systems
- Technical ELINT : Concerned with the technical aspects of foreign noncommunications emitters such as signal charactersitics, modes, functions, associations, capabilities, limitations, vulnerabilities
What is the mission of METOC relating to Information dominance?
Develop and deliver dominant meterological and oceanographic information capabilities in support of US Navy, Join, and national warfighting requirements.
Discuss types of METOC products available through the Navy oceanography Portal
Products related to time, Astronomy, Earth Orientation, Oceanography
What is the JTWC
Joint Typhoon Warning Center - Located in Hawaii - Responsiblefor issuing tropical cyclone warnings.
What is GEOS?
Geostationary Operational Enviornmental Satellite - Weather forecasting satellite.
What is the DMSP?
Defense Meterological Satellite Program - What ships use to get their METOC information
Heat Index
Measure of how hot the air feels based on temperature and humidity
Condensation of atmospheric water vapor that is pulled down by gravity
What has the biggest effect on the space enviornment?
The Sun
What are the two by-products from the sun that impact space systems?
Electomagnetic radiation: Substatial amounts have the potential to adversly impact radar, comms, and space systems.
Electrically Charged Particles: Direct physical damage and or electrical upsets.
Define the affect Solar wind has on comms.

When solar wind reaches earh it interacts with its magnetic field. This excited state of atmospheric molecules degrades radar performance in the auroral zone, including ballistic missile warning radar.

What is the Solar Cycle?

An 11 Year periodic change in the sun's activity (including changes in the levels of solar radiation and ejection of solar material) and appearance. 4 Year rise to solar maximum followed by a 7 year decline.

What is a Single Event Upset?

Can occur at any time during 11-year cycle. Interplanetary magnetic field is weak - SEUs can penetrate completely through a satellite and ionize material deep inside causing electical uspet or physical damage

Low earth orbit
150-800 miles above earths surface


Asatellite which orbits the earth at an altitude below 22,300 miles and above 800 miles
Highly Elliptical Orbit
Has an apogee nearly equivalent to geosynchronous altitude. A satellite in this type of orbit slows down at apogee in northern hemisphere and whips through perigee in the southern hemisphere
Geosynchronous Orbit
Average altitude of approx. 19,300nm will have average angular velocity exactly equal to that of the earth
A point on the orbit furthest from the center of the earth
The point closest to the center of the Earth, will be halfway around the orbit

What are the 2 Space launch facilities?

- NASA's Kennedy Space Center (Merritt Island, Florida)
- Vandenberg AFB, CA (Sat launch)

Define Navy UHF Follow on? How many are operational?
UFO features high power transmitters designed to improve comms. 9 are operational.
Defnese Satellite Communication system - Provides worldwide, jam-resistant, secure voice and high data rate comms for C2, crisis management, and intelligence data transfer
Define GBS?
Global Brodcast Service - is derived from commercial direct broadcast ttechnology and uses high-powered transponders to provide broadcast signals into 1 meter or smaller antennas and sophisticated receiver suites
What is WGS?
Wideband Global System - The first in a series of six new generation comms satellites. Improve comms for the fleet.

What is GPS?

Global Positioning system. US space-based global navagation satellite system.
Space based ISR advantages/disadvantages
- Prime advantage is potential to provide systematic and focused coverage of AOI's
- Prime disadvantage is its predictable
Branch of astronomy that deals with measurements of celestial bodies

Where is the Master Clock located?


Gemini 3

* March 23, 1965
* John W. Young, USN
* First U.S. two-man space mission.
* First spacecraft to maneuver from one orbit to another.
* Completed 3 earth orbits.

Apollo 17

* December 7-19, 1972
* Eugene A. Cernan, USN, and Ronald E. Evans, USN
* 7th and final lunar landing mission.


* April 12-14, 1981
* John W. Young, USN and Robert L. Crippen, USN
* The Space Transportation System (STS), or Space Shuttle, was launched by two solid rockets and propelled into orbit by three reusable main engines fueled by liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen.

Landing at Inchon

* September 15, 1950
* Communists had poured across the 38th parallel into South Korea in an attempt to take Seoul.
* 1950, General MacArthur devised a plan to cut the North Korean army off via Inchon, a strategic port with a nearby airport.
* Plan required mass intelligence and planning due to long approaches through shallow channels, poor beaches and a tidal range that restricted landing operations to a few hours a day.
* Plan succeeded, North Korean army was routed.

Bletchley Park

* Also known as Station X, is an estate located in the town of Bletchley, in Buckinghamshire, England.
* During World War II, Bletchley Park was the site of the United Kingdom's main decryption establishment, the Government Code and Cypher School.
* Ciphers and codes of several Axis countries were decrypted there, most importantly ciphers generated by the German Enigma and Lorenz machines.
* The high-level intelligence produced at Bletchley Park, codenamed Ultra, provided crucial assistance to the Allied war effort and is credited with having shortened the war by two years, so saving many lives.

Navajo Code Talkers

* The Navajo code talkers took part in every assault the U.S. Marines conducted in the Pacific from 1942 to 1945. They served in all six Marine divisions, Marine Raider battalions and Marine parachute units, transmitting messages by telephone and radio in their native language (code) that the Japanese never broke.

State the name of the first computer and where it was located

* First electronic general-purpose computer.
* The first set of calculations were executed in November of 1945 at the University of Pennsylvania's Moore School of Electrical Engineering.
* Subsequent calculations continued up through the time of ENIAC's formal public introduction in February 1946.

Discuss ARPANET and when it was developed.

* Precursor to the modern Internet.
* Initial purpose was to communicate with and share computer resources among mainly scientific users at the connected institutions.
* Began as an “Intergalactic Computer Network”.
* Vision of J. C. R. Licklider.
* UCLA, Stanford Research Institute, UC Santa Barbara, and Utah.
* First 4 nodes chosen in 1969.

Name the two departments that were combined to form the ONI?

* Office of Intelligence
* Department Library

State the location, mission, and component commands of the following Naval and Computer Telecommunication Area Master Stations (NCTAMS)

1. NCTAMS LANT, Norfolk VA
3. Mission: Provide secure and reliable, classified and unclassified, voice, messaging, video, and data, telecommunications to surface, subsurface, air and ground forces in support of Command, Control, Computer, Communications, and Intelligence (C4I) for real-world operations and exercises and to U.S. Naval, Joint and Coalition operating forces worldwide.


National Stock Number: 13 digit number assigned by the Defense Logistics Agency to identify an item of material in the supply distribution system.


2 character symbol that designates the stores account in which a type of material is carried and the responsible inventory control point.


Allowance Parts List: technical document prepared for individual equipment/component which are onboard. It lists all the repair parts installed on the equipment/component to which it applies, as well as other pertinent data.


Allowance Equipage List: technical document prepared for various categories of equipage for mechanical, electrical, electronic and ordnance systems. Contains the onboard allowance of equipage and supplies to support the ship’s mission.

DD Form 1348-6

MILSTRIP Requisitioning Form


Request for Contractual Procurement

DD Form 448

Military Interdepartmental Purchase

DD Form 1155

Order for Supplies or Services

SF 1449

Solicitation/Contract/Order for Commercial Items

SF 30

Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract

SF 364

SF 368

Report of Discrepancy (ROD)

Quality Deficiency Report

State the THREATCON recognition and Force Protection levels and discuss what each represents

* THREATCON/FP Alpha - General readiness.
* THREATCON/FP Bravo - Somewhat predictable threat. Increased security measures. Can be maintained for weeks or months.
* THREATCON/FP Charlie - Known Terrorist threat made. Can be maintained for short periods.
* THREATCON/FP Delta - Specific target known and declared, or terrorist event has occurred. Can only be maintained for a limited time.

Explain how, and in what order, material is destroyed during Emergency Destruction.

* Priority One - All cryptographic equipment and documents.
* Priority Two - All operational SCI codeword material which might divulge targets and successes, documents dealing with US SCI activities and documents concerning compartmented projects and other sensitive intelligence materials and all TOP SECRET collateral.
* Priority Three - Less sensitive administrative SCI material and collateral classified material not included above.

Identify who can be a CSM

Must be an officer or civilian employee (GS-11 or higher), a US Citizen, and completed an SSBI

Malicious Logic

Installation of software designed and/or deployed by adversaries with malicious intentions for the purpose of gaining access to resources or information without the consent or knowledge of the user.

User Level Intrusion

Unauthorized non-privileged access to a DOD system. If the system is compromised with malicious code that provides remote interactive control, it will be reported in this category.

Denial of Service

Activity that denies, degrades or disrupts normal functionality of a system or network.

Root Level Intrusion

Unauthorized privileged access to a DOD system. This includes unauthorized access to information or unauthorized access to account credentials that could be used to perform administrative functions.


describes the relationship between two computer programs in which one program, the client, makes a service request from another program, the host, which fulfills the request.

Application Server

Provides remote application services to clients who request it in a network environment.


A LAN device that provides a centralized connection point for Ethernet cabling, repeating any received electrical signal through all other ports, thereby creating a logical bus.


A multi-port bridge network device that is used to connect segments of a LAN or multiple LANs and to filter and forward packets among them based on the destination address of each Ethernet frame.


A device that connects two or more networks and allows packets to be transmitted and received between them. A router determines the best path for data packets from source to destination.


Wireless Application Protocol: Specific set of communication protocols to standardize the way wireless devices can be used to access networks and the Internet.

OSI Model

Open Systems Interconnection Model:






Data Link



VLF Digital Information Network: provides a highly reliable and secure system for the delivery of operational, tactical, and administrative messages for deployed submarines.


Common User Digital Information Exchange: provides a full duplex interface, over a satellite link with mobile platforms, for the receipt and transmission of general service (GENSER/SIPR) message traffic.


Automated Digital Networking System: used to connect Navy shipboard networks to other ship and shore networks for transferring Internet Protocol (IP) data of various classifications.


International Maritime Satellite: provide worldwide commercial satellite services. INMARSAT provides data, fax, and voice services via a mobile base station.

State the purpose of Electronic Key Management System (EKMS

The long-term goal of EKMS is to minimize human access to keying material.

Explain the purpose of FES.

* Fleet Electronic Support (FES) - installs and maintains specialized equipment for permanent and ad-hoc missions.

Title 10 vs. Title 50

1. United States Code (USC) Title 10: Outlines the role of the armed forces in the United States Code. It provides the legal basis for the roles, missions, and organization of each or the services as well as the US DoD.
2. USC Title 50: Outlines the role of war and the National defense in the United States Code.


Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System: program to provide a family of hardware and software capabilities that allow connectivity and interoperability with intelligence systems supporting forces, in garrison, and deployed during peace, crisis, and war.

3 Types of RADAR

Air Search

Surface Search

Fire Control


Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command: provides Meteorology and Oceanography (METOC), Bathymetry and Hydrography (Bathy/Hydro), Precise Time and Astrometry (PTA), products and services that enable effective decision-making for operational safety, warfighting success by Naval and Joint forces, and security cooperation.

Earth Orientation Parameters

describe the irregularities of the Earth’s rotation