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The order that you’re going to follow for:

psychology of success


deep learning 😎😀

Engage ur

1- psychology

2- physiology

3- repetition

1- psychology

1- Psychology is 80% of success ( your emotions, motivation, your attitude towards urself and ur goals), so 20% are the methods, books you use to study or schools you go to, or the teachers you have.

- E.g.

What I saw in my classes were that the enthusiastic, energetic and optimistic students always learned much faster. They succeeded.

The ones who failed, dropped out quit, and struggled had the opposite mentality. They had a very negative mentality. Their motivation was low. They tended to be pessimistic. They felt that they weren’t good at English. They had ideas that English was very tough, very difficult. They didn’t have enthusiasm for English. They didn’t love English.

- non‑linguistic factors are equally or in fact more important than the linguistic factors to determine who is successful ultimately.

2- physiology , movement

to affect and strengthen your psychology, engage ur physiology.

To do this: You've got an iPod or ur cellphone,and earphones in, listen to the lessons while you go for a walk. This will keep ur energy high.

If you’re sitting in a train, then maybe you just stretch your body a little bit.

- it means affecting your body and your mind at the same time, so that you actually feel better.

Don’t struggle to memorize. Just relax and listen. let the English come into your ears and into your eyes. Don’t think about it. Don’t analyze it. Do not think about grammar rules. You want to learn like a native speaker and that means you’re going to learn the patterns of English. It should be effortless.

It’s going to just go into your brain and eventually just come out

You’ll improve your grammar faster, you’ll improve your pronunciation faster. You’ll remember vocabulary words better, longer and faster when you feel good.

3- repetition

Deep learning requires a lot of repetition. listen to the whole set for one week or more.

Lessson 1

I want to get into a peak emotional state when I get up!

when u wake up

1: Put on some music 🎧

2: jump around 💃 and act like a crazy person. 🎭

3: Feel great 😀

I'm in a peak emotional state!

Story1: Sophi wants to play Tiger Woods in just one month.


1- I am in an angry emotional state!(A little bit more formal kind of English)

2-Tony Robbins is a Peak performance coach.

3: Tony Robbines tought her to get into a peak emotional state!

4: she beat Tiger Woods.

5- Linguistic factors, Non linguistic factors.(This has nothing to do with English.)

7- the top expert on physics acquisition.

8- I want you to train your brain, teach your brain to answer very quickly.

9- Use a dictionary if you need to to look up new words.

10- I am going to ask a lot of very easy questions while I tell a story

Lesson 2

Emotional mastery

1:Engage ur physiology to master your emotions.

1: Ur Posture(Bring/pull) ur Shoulders back,chest up, chin up,eyes up. (Bad posture: you’re leaning forward. Your shoulders are forward)

2: breathingdeep breathing. breath depply!

3: big grin(every time you’re learning English. Even if you feel terrible, I don’t care. )

4: movement. (You’re always going to be moving your body somehow) Story: Vanilla wanted to be rich. She became the Queen of Hot Chilis.

1: She walked to the blackjack table.She bet all of the money and lost them and dug for gold.

2: She changed her posture again. She brought her shoulders back.

3- He tends to be an angry person. (Tends to be means usually is)

4- shallow breath or shallow breathing.( It’s small little breaths. Take a deep breath.)

5- When you’re driving you can shift from first gear to second gear.

6- I am depressed or I have depression.

- Each breath that is drawn extends life. 😊

- I could smell the whisky on his breath 😎.


- A breath of fresh air.

Lesson 3

Emotional mastery 2:

mental focus.

- How do you change your mental focus?

- What should you focus on? What should you not focus on?

- u should focus on ur end result

Not every little steps.

Story 3: Elvis splider wants to go to New York city from London, and he wants to swim across the Atlantic ocean.

1- Anxiety(n), anxious (ad)

2- imagine vividly! Vivid picture.

(Clear and colorful)

3- ultimate purpose.

Lesson 4


Limiting beliefs and

Empowering beliefs

Story 4:

There was a guy and his name was George. He had dating trauma.

he said his incantation. He said “Hi, I’m handsome and I’m cool”.

1- Trauma:

Injury or deep physical hurt

a deep emotional hurt.

2- incantation

ورد 😁