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What is the concrete operational stage?
the child understands conservation, concentration, and reversibility. Also able to classify, and capable of infernces.
What is the Pre-Operational stage?
the child is capable of sharing their experience with others and use symbols
What is the sensorimotor stage?
the child is capable of reflex acations, object permanence (if they can't see it, it dosne't exist, and problem solving through trial and error
What are Piaget's four stages of cognitive development? and what ages go with each?
Sensorimotor (birth-2yrs), preoperational (2-7yrs), concrete operational (7-11yrs), and formal operational (11-adult)
What are the major theories of learning?
1. behavior
2. cognitive
3. social learning
How did Thorndike claim humuan learning should be studied?
by observation and description of relationships among observable events.
What is introspection?
method in which people would be asked to recall or recount their thinking through looking inwordly at their thoughts.
What was Edard L. Thorndike referred to?
the father of Educational Psychology
Under Vygotsky his structual assisstance is called what?
What is the "zone?"
optimal time for teaching and learning. It happens when a child cannot solve a problem alone but asks the teacher.
What did Vygotsky develop?
Zone of Proximal Development
What is the formal operational stage?
children are now capable of abstract thinking, hypotheical situations, and they can synthesize and evaluate
What is Constructivism?
the view that the child is actively constructing knowledge based on his/her view and interaction with the enviornment.
What does Constructivism stress?
that the activity of the learner can liks new knowledge to what he/she already knows and then applies this knowledge to new situations
What kind of development did Erikson work with?
Psychosocial development
How many stages did Erikson develop?
What is trust vs. mistrust? age?
birth to 18 months; attachment to one or two adults.
What is autonomy vs. shame and doubt? age?
1-2yrs; independence is manifested by self-feeding, dressing, and toileting
What is initative vs. guilt? age?
2-6years; learn to perform more grown up roles and they also realize that certain restraints are necessary.
What is industry vs. inferiority? age?
Elementary and middle school years; they are more aware of peer interactions, they develop competency through thier accomplishments
What is identity vs. role confusion? age?
Adolescence; the child is attempting to answer the question "Who am I," and start to understand thier values, beliefs, drives, and their ablities.
What is intimacy vs. isolation? age?
Beyond school years; at this point the person should to willing to open oneself and commit to a close personal relationship.
What is Generativity vs. Stagnation? age?
Beyond school years; the person begins to express concern and care for future generations
What is Integrity vs. despair? Age?
Beyond the school years; the person should have a sense of fulfillment that one has led a satisfied life.
What are Kholberg's Six Stages of Moral Development?
1. punishment and obedience, 2. instrumental relativist orientration, 3. interpersonal concordia, 4. authority-maintaing morality, 5.Social contract legalistic orientation, 6.Univeral Ethical principles
What are Freud's theroies for child development?
he assumes that their are sex factors; he also belives in the id, ego, and super ego. he also worked with psychoanalysis.
What is the id?
strives for unrealistic gratification of basic desires
What is the super ego?
strives for unrealistic moral responsibility and consience
What is the ego?
it strives to compromise those to opposing force./
What were skinner's theory of child development?
reinforement and punishment moulds behavior. Children are conditioned by their experiences. he was big on operant conditioning.
What did Bandura believe about child development?
He believed that learning takes place by imitating, role modeling, copying.
What was Bandura's theory know as? and what was his focus?
"Social Cognitive Theory" he focused on ,ptivational factors and self-regulatory mechanisms rather than just environmental factors.
What did Gesell believe about child development?
development was genetically determined by univeral "maturation patterns" which occur in a predictable sequence.
Who is the father of free public education?
Horace Mann
what type of act was Section 504?
civil rights
What type of act is special education?
education act
How does section 504 get funding?
How does special education get funding?
state-federal-local funding
Who administrates section 504? Special education?
504: section 504 coordinator
SPED:SPED director
What is the service for 504? SPED?
504: accomodations
What kinds of disabilities go with 504? SPED?
504: All
SPED: 13 federal
How should parents should be involved in 504? SPED?
504? involved in all team meetings
SPED: involved in all team meetings
What are the procedural safegaurds in 504? SPED?
504:notice to parent is required
SPED: parent consent and notice are required for initial eval. and placement.