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American Federation of Teachers.
Founded in 1916
Second Largest Labor Union in the US.
Comer Process
The belief that no child can learn well if they're hungry, or have never been read to.
They Replace the negative things in the child's life with positive.
Cultural Capital
Non financial assets that involve educational, social, and intellectual knowledge. Provided to children that grow up in a non wealthy but educated home.
Children of Teachers may not be rich in money, but they are rich in...
Cultural Capital.
The GI Bill
Provided college education or educational benefits for returning WWII soldiers.
Provided Unemployment Compensation to returning WWII vets.
The GI Bill.
KIPP Academy
Charter school in Massachusetts, that was a free public middle school.
Social Capital
Connections with social networks, shares the core idea of central values of social networks.
Success For All
Standards based comprehensive school reform. 1987 Baltimore.
Reading program to help young people
Success for All
separating children into classes according to their reading ability
voucher schools
gives money towards tuition
james comer
wanted to improve low income children's performances