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What is the purpose of a rag desh?
Its meant to be played at night during the monsoon season. Sets a mood of romance and devotion.
What is the genre of these pieces?
North Indian classical music
How are they passed on?
By oral tradition
Instruments used in rag by L. Tanwar
Voice (main melody), sarod, sarangi, tambura drone, Pakhawaj, cymbals (used towards the end) and tabla.
What year was it released?
What album is it from?
Mewar Re Mira
Structure of L. Tanwar rag?
Alap: sarangi and then singer improvise a melody based on the rag, in free time.
Bhajan: Like a gat but with a singer, the tabla join in and tempo gradually increases. Mostly un-improvised.
Melody in L.Tanwar?
Alap: Vocal uses lots of vibrato and portamento.
Bhajan: Vocal part more elaborate, lots of trills
What is a sitar?
A long necked plucked string instrument with movable frets and a gourd resonator. Has six or seven main strings and twelve or more sympathetic strings running underneath which resonate in sympathy. Played by plucking with a metal plectrum.
What is a sarod?
A plucked string instrument that is shorter than the sitar and has no frets. It's played by plucking the strings with a large wooden plectrum. Has main and sympathetic strings. Plays ornaments by sliding up and down strings.
What is a sarangi?
A fretless bowed instrument that is held in the lap. Has 3 main strings and as many as 36 sympathetic strings.
What is an esraj?
Bowed string instrument played sitting on the floor like the sarangi but with frets like a sitar. Has a number of sympathetic and drone strings.
What is a Bansuri?
A bamboo flute with holes instead of keys.
Name drone instruments
Tambura, esraj, shruti box (electronic drone)
Name rhythm instruments
Tabla, Pakhawaj
When was the Anoushka Shankar rag released and where was it recorded?
In 2001 live at the Carnegie Hall
What instruments are used in the A. Shankar rag?
Sitar (main melody), 2 tablas and a tambura drone
Structure of A. Shankar rag?
Alap: Slow, no pulse, free time, sitar and drone only, improvised.
Gat 1: Steady pulse, faster, tabla provides a definite pulse, more rhythmic, melody composed and more developed and is louder. Use of tans - fast scale passages.
Gat 2: A bit faster
When was the rag desh by S. Gorn and B.Wertheimer released?
What was the name of the album?
Priyagitah - The Nightingale
What instruments are used in the Gorn and Wertheimer rag?
Bansuri (main melody), esraj, tambura drone, tabla
Structure of Gorn and Wertheimer version?
Alap: Slow, no pulse. Tabmbura drone starts. Bansuri and esraj improvise using the rag.
Gat 1: Steady pulse, faster, tabla provides a definite pulse, more rhythmic, melody composed and more developed and is louder. Use of tans - fast scale passages.
Gat 2: A lot faster
Melody of Gorn and Wertheimer rag?
Alap: Made up of runs of the raga
Gat: More structured
Tempo generally?
Rag performances progress from a slow to a fast tempo in various sections.
Rhythmic cycvles called Tal are used. 5 different ones are used:
-Jhaptal (2+3+2+3=10 beats)
-Tintal (4+4+4+4=16 beats)
-Keherwa tal (2+2+2+2=8 beats)
-Rupak tal (3+2+2=7 beats)
-Ektal (2+2+2+2+2+2=12 beats)

The first and last beat of a tal is called Sam.
There is usually no sense of pulse in the alap section.
Tonality and harmony
Melody based on the pitches of Rag Desh.
Rag Desh differed in its rising and falling versions.

Chords are not used in Indian music. The drone on Sat and pa is the only pitched accompaniment.
What are the notes of the sangram?
Sa* Re* Ga Ma Pa* Dha Ni Sa

*= important notes in rags
Has 3 main layers: Drone, melody and rhythm