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Downfall of Absolute Monarchy: Financial Weakness (led to calling of Estates - General)

- France in debt due to foreign policy

- Eden Treaty led to less demand for luxury goods

- Tax farming (Farmers-General)

- Deficit (112m livres)

- Necker's Compte Rendu

- Corvee Royale

Downfall of Absolute Monarchy: Personality of King and Marie Antoinette

- Firmly believed in Divine Right

- Lacked self belief

- Failure of will & preparedness when calling the Estates-Geneal

- Marie Antoinette= Madame Deficit, L'Autrichienne, diamond necklass affair

Alfred Cobban on Louis XVI
'most uninterested and uninteresting spectators of his own reign'

Joseph II of Austria on Louis XVI

'he can never become master of his own business'
Downfall of Absolute Monarchy: Enlightenment

- Rejected tradition and revelation

- Philosophes = Rosseau, Diderot, Voltaire

- Attacked church and perceived despotism of monarchy

- Foundation of revolution

Downfall of Absolute Monarchy: Role of the army and first estate

- Cahiers from first estate (clergy show dislike for pluralism and nobles against despotism & injustice)

- Were amiable to change

- 89% willing to give up their financial privileges

- Leaders: Duc d'Orleans, Lafayette

- Mutiny with Gardes-Francaise at Bastille

Downfall of Absolute Monarchy: Economic Crisis

- Harvest of 1788 disasterous

- Population pressure

- 88% of wages being spent on bread

- Unemployment

- Textiles production fell 50% 1789

- Reveillion Riots

Downfall of Absolute Monarchy: Popular pressure

- 10th July 1789 citizens militia to protect property owners

- Storming of the Bastille (14th July)

* 'inspired a much wider revolutionary movement in France' - J. Godechot

- Great Fear

- October Days

- March of the Women