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hypothesis (2)
a testable prediction about observable phenomena that is based on a theory's constructs and their presumed relationships
reasons for replication and extention of previous research
1) To check the findings of a "breakthrough" study.
2) To check the validity of research findings across different populations.
3) To check trends or change over time.
4) To check important findings using different methodology
5) To develop more effective or efficient interventions
Research proposal sections
"1) Introduction1) Introduction
2) Review of the Literature
3) Research Design
4) Research Method
5) Data Analysis
6) Human Subjects Protection
7) Time Line
directional hypothesis
states the researcher's expectations about what the data will show
null hypothesis
states that no relationship exists between the variables studied, or no difference will be found between the experimental treatments
pilot study
a small-scale testing of the procedures that you plan to use in the main study, and revising the procedures based on what the testing reveals
refereed journal
a journal in which articles are evaluated by a panel of acknowledged experts to determine whether they merit publication
chart essay
simplifies the elements of a research study by using charts to focus the audience's attention on aspects of the study that are most relevant to policy making