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Globalization (Ch. 1)

Integration of economies around the world, thru trade and financial flows, facilitated by revol. in telecommunications and transportation

Anti-Globalization Movement (Ch. 1)

Loose org. that blames globalization for many human and environmental problems thru the world, sacrifice for corporate profits

Interdependence (ch. 1)

economic relationships among nations

International Trade Theory (Ch. 1)

analyzes the basis and the gains from trade

International Trade Policy (Ch.1)

Examines the reasons for and effects of trade


Balance of Payments (Ch.1)

Summary statement of all the international transactions of the residents of a nation with the rest of the world during a particular period of time, usually a year

Foreign Exchange Markets (Ch. 1)

framework for the exchange of one national currency for another

Adjustment in the Balance of Payments

(Ch. 1)

The operation and effects of the mechanisms for correcting balance of payments disequilibria.

Microeconomics (Ch.1)

study of individual units, such as a particular nation and the relative price of a single commodity

Macroeconomics (Ch. 1)

study of the whole or the aggregate, such as the total receipts and payments of a nation and the general price index.

Open Economy Macroeconomics of International Finance (Ch. 1)

The study of foreign exchange markets, the balance of payments, and adjustment to balance of payments disequlibria

World Trade Organization WTO

intl. org. that regulates intl. trade in goods and services

World Bank

bank that provides loans to developing countries for developing programs and poverty reduction

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

org. that oversees that rules in intl. finance are followed

United Nations

intl. org. to facilitate cooperation in international law, security, economic development, social progress, and human rights