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What are the six major linguistic subsystems that appear in any given language?

Phonology, morphology, syntax, lexicon, semantics, and pragmatics.
Which of the following number CANNOT be used to express probability?
The New England Colonies consisted of
Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire
What might be the benefit of activating background knowledge (schema) of the students prior to reading about a given topic?
Students can make connections to the story and develop a better understanding of the content.
Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta were two of the most important Mexican-American leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. They fought for
Better working conditions and fair compensation for agricultural workers.
Identify the most appropriate strategy to introduce the concept of magnetism to English language learners in first and second grade.
Develop a learning center where students are able to play with magnets and metals.
Which artist's work is credited with beginning the Impressionist movement of art?
Edward Manet
Dan is an eight-year-old whose vocabulary has significantly improved over the past two months. He is beginning to use relative pronoun clauses when speaking. Dan's teacher has discovered that he still struggles when using subordinate clauses. Which of the following sentences would be an example of a correct use of a subordinate clause?
If you want me to go, I will need to start getting ready now.
The alphabetic principle has been described as the ability to
Connect letters with sounds and create words based on such associations.
Daniele is a third grader having problems identifying prefixes and suffixes in the words she reads and writes. When asked to identify the free morpheme of the word "predetermined," she identified the segment "mine" as the answer. Based on the scenario, what might be the rationale for her answer?
She did not understand that the segment "mine" is not a free morpheme in that context.
Question 11:
What is the mode of the data set: 10, 9, 3, 1, 2, 8, 4, 3, 9, 10, 5, 7, 6, 6, 2, 8, 9, 4, 10, 5, 8, 4, 6, 2, 1, 9, and 7?
What is the median of the data set in question 11?
data set: 10, 9, 3, 1, 2, 8, 4, 3, 9, 10, 5, 7, 6, 6, 2, 8, 9, 4, 10, 5, 8, 4, 6, 2, 1, 9, and 7?
What strategy can be used to assess reading comprehension for students who are not proficient readers?
Oral retelling of the story
The use of thematic units of instruction is ideal to teach English Language Learners (ELLs) social studies because it
Makes content more cognitively accessible
Advanced organizers and graphic representations are commonly used in social studies. What is the advantage of using these strategies to teach content?
They make content accessible to all children
The main value of using real-life situations to teach problem-solving skills involving mathematics is that the children in grades K-6 can see
The value of mathematics in solving daily situations.
Some of the advantages of using a think-aloud, while reading to students, are that teachers can model comprehension strategies like making inferences, synthesizing information, and visualization. What is another type of comprehension strategy that teachers might model to help students develop reading comprehension skills?
Confirming predictions
What measurement principle do children Pre-K through Kindergarten sometimes have difficulty with?
The main advantage of using hands-on activities in mathematics is to
Lead the students to active learning and guide them to construct their own knowledge.
The characteristics of the Language Acquisition Device (LAD) include all of the following EXCEPT:
The LAD is an external mechanism that allows humans to learn multiple languages.
A pair of dice is rolled. What is the probability the sum of the dice is less than 13?
When teaching the grapheme-phoneme correspondence in English, teachers must
Control the inconsistency of the grapheme-phoneme correspondence of English by presenting consistent sound first.
If a child is reading an average of 90 percent of the words correctly, he or she is reading at the
Instructional level
In which art movement did science and mathematics most influence art and artists?
You and your family go out to dinner one night. At the end of the meal you receive a bill for the meal. The total bill, before tax, is $78.60. Assuming tax for the meal is 5%, what would you need to do first in order to find out the amount of the tax you need to pay?
Multiply the total by 0.05
Latitude and longitude lines are used to locate points on a map. What is the term that best describes this type of geometric figure?
A grid system
What is a bound morpheme?
A morpheme that cannot occur in isolation and, therefore, is attached to a root word or another morpheme.
The world region of North America consists of
Canada, the United States, and Mexico.
This term describes the exchange or transmission of cultural information and lifestyles from people around the world.
Cultural diffusion
Which of the following is an expression that represents the following statement: three times one-half of a number less eighty percent?
3 * x/2 - 0.8
Identify the statement that BEST describes sight words.
Sight words occur frequently in print
The first 10 amendments of the U.S. Constitution are known as the
Bill of Rights
What is one of the key challenges that children in upper elementary school experience when moving from the stage of "learning to read" to "reading to learn"?
Understand the organizational patterns of the text to read more efficiently.
Ms. Pompa uses DRTA (Directed Reading-Thinking Activity) regularly during her guided reading groups. What is the main purpose of this instructional activity?
To confirm or correct predictions as one reads
Which of the following would NOT be included as a component part of the instructional activity of reciprocal teaching?
Connecting the text to one's own life
What song has the same melody as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star?
Alphabet Song.
Alliteration is a technique frequently used to begin developing student's reading skills as it aims to strengthen students' phonological and phonemic awareness. Which sentence is an example of an alliteration?
Maria made muffins for Mom.
Plants and trees that need large amounts of water to survive will thrive in which Texas region?
Piney-woods and Gulf Coast
In an introductory unit about force and motion, Ms. Martinez brought to her fourth-grade class the following items: scissors, pliers, a hammer, tongs, and a miniature see-saw. These items are ideal to teach and demonstrate how _____ work.
Simple machines
Identify the number of phonemes in the following word - "through."
The 112 elements of the periodic table represent the anatomical composition of
Many of the leaders responsible for the writing of the Constitution were familiar with the leading thinkers of the Enlightenment movement. Due to this influence, one of the key components of the Constitution was the protection of the
Natural rights of the individual and limiting the power of the government.
Which of the following instruments measures relative humidity?
Ms. Thomas introduces new vocabulary words within the context of a sentence and through the use of visuals. Once children understand the concept linked to the word, she repeats individual words, pausing after each syllable. Once children can separate the word into syllables, she guides them to separate syllables into individual phonemes. What skills is Ms. Thomas introducing with the last two activities?
Phonological awareness
The National Science Teachers Association supports the principles that scientific inquiry should be the cornerstone of science education. The association also supports the idea that students should be actively involved in early exploration of scientific concepts. Additionally, the organization believes that instruction should be
Organized thematically
The United States uses the English system of weights and measurements (standard) in daily business activity. However, scientists use the metric system to conduct scientific experimentation. Why do American scientists use the metric system in scientific research?
The metric system uses a systematic and precise system of weight and measurements.
Joe can place a maximum of 5 apples in a sack. If he needs to put 32 apples in sacks, how many sacks will he need?
Identify the statement that BEST describes the advantages of using the language experience approach to teach reading to language minority students.
It provides the schema or experiential background to facilitate the comprehension of the story.
Use the following scenario to answer the next two questions:
Scenario: Mr. Jones brought a small peach tree with peaches to school to explain the process of photosynthesis. He indicated that the tree takes energy from the sun and converts it into chemical energy. Part of the chemical energy produced is used for its survival and growth. The excess energy is stored in the leaves and in the fruits produced. To close the lesson, he gave students pieces of peaches and guided them to discuss how the process of photosynthesis supports life on Earth. Based on this scenario, what is the main topic of the lesson?
Energy transformation
Scenario: Mr. Jones brought a small peach tree with peaches to school to explain the process of photosynthesis. He indicated that the tree takes energy from the sun and converts it into chemical energy. Part of the chemical energy produced is used for its survival and growth. The excess energy is stored in the leaves and in the fruits produced. To close the lesson, he gave students pieces of peaches and guided them to discuss how the process of photosynthesis supports life on Earth. What was the instructional purpose of using a live plant with fruits to begin the lesson?
To promote interest in the lesson
Which of the following artistic movements occurred in the twentieth century?
Photorealism, Cubism, and Surrealism
The basic states of matter are
Plasma, liquid, solid, and gas.
When it is winter in North America, it is because
The Earth is tilted on its axis with the North Pole tilted away from the sun.
Ken Goodman used the term "miscues" in reading to describe the type of
Variation that occurs when children try to decode and guess the meaning of printed words.
Crystal needs to buy bread for her party. She knows that one loaf will feed 8 people, and there are 371 people coming to her party. How many loaves of bread does she need to buy?
Ms. Jefferson has guided first-grade student to read polysyllabic words until they can read them fluently. Later, students are asked to separate the words into syllables, and finally she guides students to identify the main stress in each word. What skill is Ms. Jefferson emphasizing?
Phonological awareness
According to the U.S. copyright law, which song can you legally copy?
Cowboy Song
The use of phonics instruction in conjunction with components from the whole language approach are typically used to create a
Balanced-reading approach
Which of the following is a nonlinear function?
f (x) = x/5 - √x
Mr. Martinez is going to be introducing the Dolch words to his first-grade students. Before showing the list of words to his students, Mr. Martinez explains that these words are the most frequently used words in English. Which of the following words SHOULD NOT be included in the list that Mr. Martinez is going to show to his students?
What is the correct expansion of (a + b)^3?
a^3 + 3 a² b + 3 ab² + b^3
In the past, mercury was commonly used in household thermometers. Why was this substance ideal for thermometers?
The substance expands when heated.
Which of these sets of numbers represents a true statement?
5 < 7
What type of singing group consists of violins, trumpets, a Spanish guitar, and a guitarrón?
When people think about radiation, they conceptualize the arms of mass destruction like the atomic bombs used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. However, radiation is currently being used for peaceful purposes in nuclear medicine and in household items like
Why is the lowest average temperature in New York City higher than the lowest average temperature of Lincoln, Nebraska, when these cities are at approximately the same latitude?
New York City is surrounded by water, which moderates the temperature.
The invention of cell phones has revolutionized the communications industry. However, it has also become a health concern because these electronic devices
Emit radiation that has been linked to cancer.
For what value of x is the expression 5/x undefined?
Petroleum products come from nonrenewable fossils fuels. These types of energy sources are nonrenewable because they come from
Decayed remains of animal and plants.
Asking students to make use of visual elements, such as graphics, while they are reading a piece of text allows them to identify ways in which these elements can be used as strategies to interpret and make sense of the information they are reading. Based on this information, which of the following statements best supports this idea in instructional practice?
Students will create a chart in which they identify the reasons why the author of a newspaper article may have chosen to include pictures in his/her story.
The development of fatty tissue and hibernation typical of bears is a system ________ for survival.
Of adaptation
What is an algorithm?
A step-by-step procedure for solving problems.
Which of the following are objects in our solar system?
Asteroids, planets, moons, and comets
Mr. Michel provides guiding questions to guide Tamara's writing. A couple of the questions are "What evidence do you need to prove your thesis to skeptics?" and "What would you say to convince them?" Based on this information, what type of writing is Tamara developing?
Persuasive writing
What is another way to write 4 x 4 x 4?
The scientific concept that best explains the formation of mountains and mountain ranges on Earth is
The movement of tectonic plates.
Which strategy would LESS LIKELY support students' understanding of writing for different audiences?
Telling students they will be writing narrative text
Ms. Pérez is planning a lesson that she can implement to increase her students' understanding of viewing and representing. She decides that one of the key issues of her students is to be able to identify how the visual materials they will be using must directly respond to the audience and their needs. As part of the lesson, she intends to have students work on this as a group project. Which of the following group project ideas would be a good choice for her students to select?
Students can create a video directly responding to issues raised by a reporter in a newspaper article and share their response to YouTube.
Knowledge of the two words used to create compound words can help students in the interpretation of the compound word. However, there are examples of compound words in which the meaning of the two components does not contribute to, and often interferes with, the interpretation of the new word. Identify the set of compound words that fall into this category.
Butterfly, nightmare, and brainstorm
One of the main reasons for the strong Texas economy of the last 20 years is the number of corporations that have moved to Texas. Corporations moved to Texas to enjoy the state's beneficial corporate tax structure and for the
State's lack of a state personal income tax.
Which type of writing focuses mainly on composition of information text that is primarily intended to inform the reader about a topic or subject while explaining and clarifying ideas?
Expository writing
Identify the instructional activity for viewing and representing for first-grade students that also involves higher-order thinking.
Sketching an image of what a character might be thinking of feeling during a story.
In a two-week period (including weekends and holidays), Max spent $71.47 on lunch. About how much money did Max spend on his daily lunch?
Select the answer that contains the correct sequence of Kodály rhythm syllables for this song line, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.
Ti ti Ti ti Ti ti Ta
Which of the following best illustrates a teacher using multimedia as a model or "mentor text" for her students in a writing workshop to teach the concept of "presentation"?
Reading aloud from a chapter book and discussing rich imagery and style.
What is a good principle to consider when using formal and informal assessment data to inform literacy instruction in small groups in the classroom?
Grouping based on assessment data should be flexible and consider individual differences in students.
Mr. Lee models using writing convictions as he writes using an electronic projection system. He says things like, "I use quotation marks here to indicate that I am quoting someone directly. Here's how I write the quotation marks and punctuation surrounding the words someone actually says. The main reason Mr. Lee talks out loud while writing is to
Demonstrate the use of conventional grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.
A teacher notices multiple bruising marks on a child. The teacher should
Report the evidences immediately.
Mr. Laurence read a story to his kindergarten students in a very pleasant and natural tone of voice. Later, he uses a series of connected pictures representing events in the story. In addition to helping children understand the story, what other element is he teaching?
The teacher is introducing sequencing and the story structure.
What is currently the most economic activity in the Dallas/Forth Worth region?
Defense and technology
What was the most important economic implication of the discovery of oil in Texas in 1901?
It made Texas No. 1 producer of textiles and cattle.
Volcano eruptions can cause other natural physical events like earthquakes, avalanches, mudslides, and
Convergent research on linear versus curvilinear rhetorical patterns shows that Spanish-speaking English language learners and young children in general have a tendency to follow a curvilinear approach in writing. What strategies can teachers use to support these students?
Guide children to develop an outline for the story and provide them with guiding questions to keep them focused on the topic.
The Civil Rights Movement sought for African Americans. Even after the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments were added to the Constitution, blacks were denied full civil rights. Discrimination existed throughout the nation. Jim Crow laws were enforced in the
Texas has been identified as a regional economy. That is, each region has a dominant economic activity. For example, timber is one of the most important economic activities in
East Texas
Marcos is a five-year-old student in the process of first language acquisition. He often produces statements like: This lollipop is the bestest Mom. Based on this speech sample, this child is
Applying language rules.
The Andes mountain range and the Amazon river are two of the key physical features in
Central and South America
Inactivity can increase the risk factor of contracting which of the following diseases or conditions?
Heart disease
Ms. Fuentes frequently leads students in choral reading to promote reading fluency. She also takes declarative statements from the story and asks students to change them to questions or exclamations. Students have fun generating these changes. What is the main purpose of the latter activity?
To teach the intonation pattern of the language.
When analyzing and interpreting assessment data from culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students, what must assessors take into account?
The students might express potential differently due to linguistic and cultural influences.
The "E" in the acronym RICE, a treatment process for sprains, represents
Ms. Becerra uses a strategy with her sixth graders to help students monitor their own comprehension as they read independently. She instructs students to stop and check if they understand the main ideas in the story before moving on to the next section. This type of comprehension practice fosters which of the following?
The movement of planets around the Sun creates what is known as a calendar year. Based on this information and the relative location of the planets in reference to the Sun, what is the planet with the shortest year?
Story retelling inventories are generally used to assess students'
Comprehension, sentence structure knowledge, and vocabulary development.
Volcanoes are formed with the motion of the tectonic plates. When the plates collapse, the motion creates cracks in the crust of the Earth, which eventually causes an eruption to release the excess heat, gases, and melted rocks and minerals from the center of the planet. The best indicator of the severity of the volcanic explosion is
The amount of gas in the magma.
Steve is told that milk must remain at 50º F so it will not spoil and that a turkey must be cooked at 375º F for 2 hours. What is the difference in temperature of the milk and the turkey (while it is cooking)?
325º F
When plants take solar energy from the sun and transform it to usable energy, we say that energy was transformed to
Chemical energy
In upper elementary grades, reading becomes more challenging and meaningful for students because at this stage
Children use reading to obtain information to be successful in the content areas.
What is the scientific explanation of the popular saying "once in a blue moon"?
An extra full moon period that occurs every two or three years.
This symbol represents the official declaration of patriotism in the United States.
Pledge of Allegiance
The state curriculum officially introduces children to the people and places of the contemporary world in
Sixth grade
Which civil rights group challenged the laws of segregation with the Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka Supreme Court case?
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
By ages four and five, children are generally able to stack cups in a pyramid, dribble a small ball, and tap their food to a rhythm. They also begin dressing themselves using buttons and zippers. These kinds of activities represent an example of
Fine motor skills
Prior to taking classes of students outdoors, the physical education teacher inspects the fields and contacts the buildings and grounds department to fill in holes. The teacher takes this action to
Minimize the risk of injury and liability presented by unfilled holes.
What economic impact did the emergence of railroad transportation have on the last decades of the nineteenth century?
It expanded farmers' and ranchers' markets.
What type of informal assessment instrument would best be used when reporting information about how students work together in discussion groups during a book club?
Anecdotal records
Solve the following problem. Express the answer as a mixed number: 1.6 - 3/8 =
1 9/40
The state curriculum officially introduces children to U.S. History in
Fifth grade
What will come next in the following sequence: o o diamonds diamonds, o o diamonds diamonds diamonds oo ...?
diamonds, diamonds, diamonds, diamonds
Children can be guided to develop a sense of citizenship beginning in
An isosceles triangle is a polygon with two equal sides. What else does this imply?
It has two equal angles.
A world region is an area identified based on
Sharing similar, unifying cultural or physical characteristics.
The Fourteenth Amendment declared that all persons born in the U.S. were citizens and that all citizens were entitled to equal rights, and that their rights were protected by due process. A group of people living in the U.S. was not included. Which group was excluded from the equal rights provisions?
Native Americans
Geographers have divided the world into ten regions: North America, Central and South America, Europe, Central Eurasia, the Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, East Asia, and Australia. These divisions are based on
Physical and cultural similarities.
Which of the following best describes a lesson plan for elementary physical education students who need additional development and practice with a locomotor skill?
Introduction to traveling pathways such as straight, curved, or zigzag.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) with other African-American leaders. His famous "I have a Dream" speech took place during the march in Washington in support of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This speech
Gained more supporters for the cause.
In compliance with NCLB legislation, Texas has adopted an instrument to assess the English achievement of ELLs - the Texas Observation Protocol (TOP). The TOP assesses the listening, speaking, reading, and writing components of English. In addition to the writing samples required, this instrument uses ______ to assess the linguistic performance of children in English.
A checklist identifying specific literacy components.
Which of the following would be the best set of units to use when measuring a football field?
A second-grade student began writing a composition about his friend in the following way: (1) George is my friend. (2) Mary is my best friend. (3) Rachel are my friends too. What type of support does this child need to write a more cohesive and standard writing sample?
Agreement and sentence connectors
The system most affected by aerobic activity is the
Cardiovascular system
President John F. Kennedy proposed new civil rights laws as well as programs to help the millions of Americans living in poverty. After Kennedy's assassination in Dallas in 1963, President Lyndon B. Johnson urged Congress to pass the laws. As a result of the leadership of these two men, which piece of legislation was passed?
The Civil Rights Act
What are minimal pairs used to teach and access?
The ice cap of the North Pole is melting at an alarming rate. The melting of the ice cap is an example of a
Physical change
How many faces does a cube have?
Dan and Stacy live on a farm where they are no longer allowed to let their cattle roam free. They need to add a fence around their land which has a shape of a rectangle. How many feet of fence do they need to buy in order to fence in all their land with a height of 223 ft. and width of 467 ft.?
1,380 ft.
Warm-and cold-blooded animals need heat to survive; however, only warm-blooded animals produce heat. Cold-blooded animals obtain heat from
The sun
What is the formula for the relationship between the number of faces, vertices, and edges of a cube?
F + V = E + 2
While teaching a basketball unit to an elementary school class, the best way to develop skills would be to
Use smaller balls and lower the baskets.
The principles of art describe
The guidelines that artist follow to create art and to deliver their intended message.
What is one of the key advantages of using integrated thematic instruction?
It eliminates the artificial boundaries created through traditional course scheduling.