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C/C 105.1

Six areas of naval doctrine.
1. Naval Planning
2. Naval Logistics
3. Naval Operations
4. Naval Warfare
5. Naval Intelligence
6. Naval Command & Control
C/C 105.2
How does naval aviation support the following warfare areas?
- Reconnaissance/surveillance
- Antisubmarine
- Amphibious assault
- Logistics support
- Search and rescue
- Mine Warfare
- Intercept, record, analyze electromagnetic energy
- locate/destroy subs
- taking of land near the sea (bombing & transporting troops)
- transporting troops/cargo
- carrying out SAR mission
- locate/destroy enemy mines
C/C 105.3

Conditions that led to the formation of the U.S. Navy
1st Continental congress produced a statement of rights it believed the king should present to the colonists. 2nd continental congress finally felt it was forced to act as a provisional gov't. It bought two vessles on 13 Oct 1775.
C/C 105.4

Qualities that characterize the Navy/Marine Corps team as instruments to support nat'l policies.
- Readiness
- Flexibility
- Self-sustainability
- Mobility
C/C 105.5

3 levels of war
1. Tactical
2. Operational
3. Strategic
C/C 105.6

How does Naval Intel Operations support peace time operational decision making?
- Compress time cycle of decision making
- Collect/distribute lg amts of info in timely fashion
- Link widely separated forces
- Enhance combat effectiveness
C/C 105.7

Mission of Naval Logistics.
Maintain a forward presence of our military.

Fleet-based sustainment assets - Replenishment ships

Strategic sustainment assets - Air and sea assets shared by all services
C/C 105.8

Importance of planning to Naval Operations.
U.S. military's strength is best enhanced by deliberate peacetime analysis, planning, and exercises. A plan is a concept of operation. Plans then become orders. Orders include theater strategy, logistics and deployment plans.
C/C 105.9a

How does the conflict at Coral Sea relate to naval aviation?
7-8 May 1942: after cracking Japanese code, we surprised them. World's first carrier vs carrier battle. Big setback for the Japanese.
C/C 105.9b

How does the conflict at Midway relate to naval aviation?
3-5 June 1942: we cracked Japanese code and surprised them again. While their planes were gone, ours attacked and sank their 4 carriers.
C/C 105.9c

Japanese retreated, US secured the island. USS Juneau was involved which was torpedoed. Among losses were 5 Sullivan brothers fm Waterloo, Iowa. Navy re-instated family member separation rule.
C/C 105.10

Birthdate of Naval Aviation
8 May 1911
C/C 105.11

First Aircraft carrier.
USS Langley - 20 Mar 1922

Formerly USS Jupiter, an old coal carrier which converted to a carrier
C/C 105.12

First jet powered naval aircraft.
FJ-1 Fury
C/C 105.13

The first naval aviator in space.
Alan Shepard - 5 May 1961
C/C 106 Ratings

Aviation Boatswain's Mate
C/C 106 Ratings

Air Traffic Controller
C/C 106 Ratings

Aviation Machinist's Mate
C/C 106 Ratings

Aviation Electrician's Mate
C/C 106 Ratings

Aerographer's Mate
C/C 106 Ratings

Aviation Storekeeper (merged with SK's)
C/C 106 Ratings

Aviation Structural Mechanic
C/C 106 Ratings

Aviation Ordnanceman
C/C 106 Ratings

Aviation Support Equipment Technician
C/C 106 Ratings

Aviation Electronics Technician
C/C 106 Ratings

Aviation Warfare Systems Technician
C/C 106 Ratings

Aviation Maintenance Administrationman
C/C 106 Ratings

Aircrew Survival Equipmentman
C/C 106 Ratings

Photographer's Mate
C/C 110 Ships

Ammunition Ship

deliver ammo/missiles to ships at sea
C/C 110 Ships

Destroyer Tender

provide mobile base & repair facilities, fuel, ammo, etc
C/C 110 Ships

Combat Stores Ship

perform underway replenishment & services (food, fuel, parts, ammo)
C/C 110 Ships

Submarine Tender

crews of technicians/repairmen that specialize in support of various subs
C/C 110 Ships

Oiler/Oiler & Ammunition Ship

AO - Carry petrols
AOE- Carry petrols, ammo, cargo
C/C 110 Ships

Guided Missile Cruiser

anti-air/sub/surface simultaneously, spd 30kts
C/C 110 Ships

Carrier/Nuclear Powered Carrier

Carry, launch, retrieve, handle aircraft quickly & efficiently
C/C 110 Ships

Destroyer/Guided Missile Destroyer

Used in any op. Off/Defensive against subs/ships. Defensive agsinst air.
C/C 110 Ships

Guided Missile Frigate

Open ocean escort & patrol
C/C 110 Ships

Amphibious Command Ship

Provide accommodations & Command and Control comms for various commanders & their staff
C/C 110 Ships

Amphibious Assault Ship (general purpose)

Embark, deploy, & land a marine batallion by helo/landing craft/amphib vehicles. All Amphibs in 1 ship.
C/C 110 Ships

Amphibious Warfare Ship (multipurpose)

can be amphibious assault ship or antisubmarine warfare ship
C/C 110 Ships

Amphibious Transport Dock

combines LSD and LPH into one ship, transports troops/equipment.
C/C 110 Ships

Amphibious Assault Ship

embark, transport, land 1800 troops via helo/beach assault & assist w/anti sub warfare
C/C 110 Ships

Dock Landing Ship

transport/launch amphibious craft/vehicles. Limited docking repair svcs.
C/C 110 Ships

Mine Countermeasures Support

only one in naval inventory (USS Inchon)
C/C 111 Ships

Fleet Ocean Tugs

provide towing service. Enlisted only crew.
C/C 111 Ships

Rescue & Salvage Ship

provide salvaging & support diving (safeguard class)
C/C 111 Ships

Submarine Rescue Ship

rescue striken sub crews. Can support dives to 1000ft.
C/C 111 Ships

Repair Ship

floating machine shops, wide range of repair & svc jobs
C/C 111 Ships

Mine Countermeasures Ship

sophisticated minesweeping systems, detect conact, magnetic & acoustic mines
C/C 111 Ships

Coastal Mine Hunters

locate/identify all tyes of mines (osprey class)
C/C 111 Ships

Patrol Craft

Coastal patrol & interception (cyclone class)
C/C 111 Ships

Ballistic Missile Submarine

provide nuclear deterent worldwide
C/C 111 Ships


Attack/destroy enemy ships/subs
C/C 103

Purpose of the Naval Aviation Safety Program.
Preserve human life and material resources.
C/C 103

Safety responsibilities of the CO.
Overall responsibility. Requires that all safetly precautions/procedures are complied with.
C/C 103

Responsibilities of the Aviation Safety Officer.
Principle advisor to the CO on all aviation safety matters.
C/C 103

Responsibilities of the Ground Safety Officer.
Principle advisor to the CO on all ground safety matters.
C/C 103

Responsibilities of the Department Head.
Coordinates department's safety program with the Safety Officer.
C/C 103

Division Officer
Ensures personnel comply with all safety instructions.
C/C 103

Safety Petty Officer
Ensures all personnel are familiar with safety instructions.
C/C 103

All hands.
Be familiar with safety inst/regs applicable to their job/duties.
C/C 103

Safety Council
Ground/Aviation/Aero medical Safety Officers review safety issues.
C/C 103

Enlisted Safety Committee
Reps from each work center (incl AIMD and medical) meet once a month to discuss safety issues.
C/C 103

Human Error
-Part of nearly every mishap.

-Involves both physical and mental factors.
C/C 103

Maintenance and support factors
Improper maintenance or priority assignment
Lack of QA
Manufacturer error
C/C 103

Administrative and supervisory factors
Lack of training

Poor supervision
C/C 103

Material failures or malfunctions
Faulty design

Defective manufacture or repair
C/C 103

Environmental factors
Exposure to hot or cold

Vibration, niose, illumination, radiation, or atmospheric contaminants
C/C 103

Class A mishap
Damage more than $1 million.

Results in fatality or permanent disability
C/C 103

Class B mishap
Damage $200k - $1 mil

Permanent partial disability or 3+ ppl hospitalized
C/C 103

Class C mishap
Damage $10k - $200k

Non fatal injury that caused loss of time from work.
C/C 103

Class D mishap
Damage less than $10k

No lost time from work

First aid
C/C 103

Aviation Gas Free Engineering Program

Ensures a safe working environment work working on fuel systems
C/C 103

Hazards associated with RF energy.
Can cause burns, electrical shock, biological changes, and cataracts.
C/C 103

Laser Safety Hazard Control Program
Establishes safety factors when using lasers.
C/C 103

Safety Stand down
Time devoted to safety training, awareness, and enhancement of command safety climate.
C/C 103

Operation Risk Management

Tool used to make informed decisions by anticipating hazards and increasing potential for success.
C/C 103

5 steps of ORM
1. Identifying hazards
2. Assessing hazards
3. Making risk decisions
4. Implementing controls
5. Supervising
C/C 113

Purpose of NATOPS.
Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization

-Improve combat readiness and reduce aircraft mishaps.
C/C 113

General aircraft prestart precautions.
-wheels chocked
-parking brakes
-check for FOD
C/C 113

May result in injury or death if not carefully followed.
C/C 113

May result in damage to equipment if not carefully followed.
C/C 113

Procedure, practice or condition that must be emphasized.
C/C 113

Procedure is mandatory
C/C 113

C/C 113

C/C 113

Futurity - not any degree of requirement
C/C 113

Purpose of NATOPS evaluation.
Evaluates individual and unit compliance by observing and grading adherence to NATOPS procedures.
C/C 113

Purpose of NAVFLIRS.
(aka Yellow sheet)Standardized Navy flight activity data collection system. Contains:
-Aircraft and crew
-Logistical actions
-Weapons proficiency
-Training areas utilized and misc data
C/C 113

Purpose of master flight files.
The only official flight record of naval aircraft & shall be maintained iaw OPNAVINST 3710.7
C/C 113

Visual ID system for COMNAVAIRLANT.
1st letter: A-M
2nd letter: A-Z
C/C 113

Visual ID system for COMNAVAIRPAC.
1st letter: N-Z
2nd letter: A-Z
C/C 113

Visual ID system for CNATRA.
One letter only (A-G)
C/C 104

Dual chain of command for operating forces.
OPERATIONAL: task oriented (SECDEF, Prez)
C/C 104

Operate JCS
Unified - 2 or more services
Specific - only 1 service
C/C 104

Fleet Commanders
C/C 104

Task Force Commanders
Divides fleets into forces (5th flt uses #'s in the 50's)
C/C 104

Task Unit Commanders
Divides groups into units (TU 50.1.1)
C/C 104

Secretary of the Navy
Honorable Donald C. Winter (civilian) - responsible for the policies & control of the DON incl organization, administration and operation.
C/C 104

Chief of Naval Operations
Admiral Michael G. Mullen - senior military officer (unless chairman of JCS in navy)
C/C 104

Fleet Commander
C/C 104

Naval Air Force Commander
Directly under Fleet Commander, in command of an aviation community.
C/C 104

Functional Wing Commander
responsible for aircraft material readiness, admin, training & inspection of squadrons under them.
C/C 104

Type Squadron Commander
Responsible for the maintenance & material condition of aeronautical equipment assigned to them.
C/C 104

Navy's senior enlisted memeber (Terry Scott). Senior enlisted advisor to the CNO and CNP in all matter pertaining to enlisted personnel.
C/C 104

Fleet Master Chief
Principle enlisted advisor to Fleet Commanders (6 of them).
C/C 104

Force Master Chief
Principle enlisted advisor to Force Group Commanders (22 of them).
C/C 104

Principle advisor on enlisted matters to the Commanding Officer
> 250 ppl have CMC
< 250 designate a MC to serve as a collateral duty CMC (SEL)