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What establishes the duties and responsibilities of the CO?
US Navy Regulations, general orders, customs and traditions.
Within a command who is responsible for all personnel?
What is the XO responsible for?
Orginization, performance of duty, and good order and disciplineof the entire command.
What is the purpose of the CMC?
Enlisted advisor to the command in regards to formulation/implementation of policies pertaining to moral, welfare, job satisfaction, discipline and training of all enlisted personnel.
What is the responsibility of the Department Head?
Department respesentative to the CO.
What does CMEO stand for?
What does EOPS stand for?
What is the purpose of the CMEO/EOPS?
Provides traing to the command regarding EO.
The EO Program provide education and emphasis on giving EO to all hads regardless of what?
Religious preference
To whom does the Division Officer report?
Department Head
What is the Division Officer's responsibility?
Answers directly to the Department Head in regards to all duties within the division and of subordinates of the division.
LPO's and LCPO's are designated by whom?
Division Officer
What are the LPO's/LCPO's responsible for?
Administering, supervising, and training division personnel.
What is the purpose of the W/C Supervisor?
Responsible for hour-to-hou W/C functions.
What does the CCC do?
Runs the commands career counseling program and ensures that current programs/opportunities are available to all hands.
Who appoints the Ombudsman?
What is the purpose of the Ombudsman?
A liasion between the CO and the family members of the commands' crew.
What services do Finacial Specialists provide?
Finacial planning
Investment planning
Debt management
What is the main duty of the DAPA?
Advisor to the CO/XO on drug/alcohol abuse within the command.
What does DAPA stand for?
Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor
What is the purpose of the Security Manager?
Advisor to the CO/XO on all security matters pertaining to the command.
What does CIPM stand for?
What is the purpose of the CIPM?
Provide career path information to the squadron, work centers and divisions.
Who is considered the divisional career counselor?
What type of counseling should be given to individuals with special problems?
Personnel counseling
As a counselor to someone with special problems what is your first duty?
To know when the problem is beyond you ability to resolve and to whom the individual should be referred.
Special problems in personnel counselling should be referred to whom?
1) Chaplin
2) Legal
3) Medical Officer
Why is performance counseling so important?
It provides the individual being counseled with positive feedback regarding their performance, informing them of areas of strengths and weaknesses.
What are the 2 basic types of discharges?
1) Honorable
2) General
What is the necessary performance average for an honorable discharge?
At least 2.7 with a conduct average of 3.0.
What is the single-most important factor in advancement?
Enlisted Evaluation
Describe the Enlisted Evaluation performance marks?
4.0.......Early promote
3.8.......Must Promote
2.0.......Significant Problems
To recieve a Good Conduct Award performance marks must not be below 2.0 in any area. This rule counts for all time after what date?
January 1, 1996.
How often is the Good Conduct Award given?
Every 3 years. Before 1996 the timeframe was every 4 years.
What can prevent an individual form recieving a Good Conduct Award?
1) Convictions by court martial.
2) NJP (Non Judicial Punishment)
3) Civil convictions or offences involving shameful acts.
A member cannot re-inlist if their eval is below what performance mark?
Who has final authority for re-inlistment.
To be eligible for special assignments an overall eval average of 3.0 is required. Who has approval discretion for assignment?
Naval Military PersonnelCommand.
What does NMPC stand for?
What is the principle method of communications for commanders?
Naval message.
How are naval messages transmitted?
Why are naval messages transmitted electronically?
To avoid delays inherrent with normal mailing systems.
The DTG of a naval message consists of how many digits?
What are the first 2 digits of the 6 digit DTG?
The date the message was sent out.
What are the last 4 digits of the 6 digit DTG?
The time of day that the naval message was sent out.
How is the time a naval message was sent out expressed?
Zulu or Greenwich Mean Time.
The last section of a DTG is what?
Date and year.
What does the DTG 310800ZOCT98 indicate?
That the message was sent out 31 October 1998 at 0800 Zulu time.
What is the purpose of the From line of a naval message?
The originators or drafters plain language address.
How many originators can a naval message have?
What is the purpose of the To line of a naval message?
The address of the individual to who the message is going to.
What is the purpose of the Info line?
It contains the address of those who you would like to look at or send the message for information purposes.
What is the purpose of the Classification/ Declassification line of a naval message?
The first line of text which must give the messages classification.
What are 3 levels of Classification/ Declassification?
1) Top Secret
2) Secret
3) Confidential
What does SSIC stand for?
What is a SSIC?
The 4 or 5 digit number that stands for the subject of a document.
Why are SSIC necessary on all naval messages?
It is a proven method for filing correspondence documents consistantly and retreiving them quickly.
How many SSIC groups are there?
SSIC group 1000-1999 pertains to what?
Military Personnel
SSIC group 2000-2999 pertains to what?
SSIC group 3000-3999 pertains to what?
Operations and Readiness
SSIC group 4000-4999 pertains to what?
SSIC group 5000-5999 pertains to what?
General Admin and Management
SSIC group 6000-6999 pertains to what?
Medicine and Denistry
SSIC group 7000-7999 peratins to what?
Finacial Management
SSIC group 8000-8999 perains to what?
Ordinance Material
SSIC group 9000-9999 pertains to what?
Ship design and Material
SSIC group 10000-10999 pertains to what?
General Material
SSIC group 11000-11999 pertains to what?
Facilities and Activities Ashore
SSIC group 12000-12999 pertains to what?
Civillian Personnel
SSIC group 13000-13999 pertains to what?
Aero/Astronautical Material
SSIC group 16000-16999 pertains to what?
Coast Guard Missions
What is the purpose of the subject line of a naval message?
It is where the main topis os listed.
The subject line of a naval message is always written how?
In capital letters.
What is the purpose of passing instructions of a naval message?
It is a series of flagwords, codewords, subject lines, and outgoing/incoming message references that are used to guide automatic internal routing.
What is the purpose of a reference line of the naval message?
It is an alternative to repeating long reference material within the text of the message.
What is the purpose of the amplifying information line of a naval message?
Used to amplify or supplement the data text.
What is the purpose of the narrative information line of a naval message?
It provides amplifying information which pertains to the data text.
What is the purpose of the text of a naval message?
Known as the main body of the message and is the reason for which the message was created.
What is the page 2 of the Enlisted Service Record used for?
Record of Emergency Data. Used as reference data for beneficiary data should the servicemember die on active or reserve duty.
What is the page 4 of the Enlisted Service Record used for?
Enlisted Qualification History for enlisted members. It is a chronological history of occupational and training related qualifications, awards and commendations.
What is the page 13 of the Enlisted Service Record used for?
Administrative Remarks. It is a chronological record of significant miscellaneous entries which are not provided for elsewhere within the record.
What does EDVR stand for?
What is the purpose of the EDVR?
Lists all individuals assigned and provides a summary of the present and future manning status.
How often is the EDVR updated?
What does the EDVR contain?
1) Members name
2) Rate
3) Date assigned
4) NEC's
5) Billet assigned to
6) Date reported
7) PRD
What is the page 7 of the Enlisted Service record used for?
Court Memorandum. Used to record court martial and NJP which affects pay.
What is the page 7 of the Enlisted Service Record also referred to as?
Report and Disposition of Offense(s)
What is the reference designation of the page 7 of the Enlisted Service Record?
NAVPERS Form 1626/7
What does OPREP stand for?
Operational Report
What is the OPREP used for?
Provides notification of any accidental or unauthorized incident involving possible detonation of a nuclear weapon which could create the risk of outbreak of nuclear war.
To whom are OPREPs provided?
National Command Authorities and appropriate naval commanders.
What does MOVEREP stand for?
Movement Report
What is the purpose of a MOVEREP?
The primary source of location information concerning ships.
Whose responsibility is it to account for all ship and command movements?
1) Movement Report Centers
2) Movement Report Offices
What does LOGREQ stand for?
Logistical Requirement
When does a ship submit a LOGREQ and why?
Prior to entering port and is done so to inform the proper commands of its logistics requirements.
What does SORTS stand for?
Status of
Requirements and
What is the purpose of SORTS?
Reports the ship's status of condition of readiness in all warfare areas and its ability to conduct operations.
What does SITREP stand for?
What is the purpose of a SITREP?
Designed to report any incident that does not meet OPREP-3 special incident reporting criteria.
What is an example of a SITREP?
Reporting of violent crime.
Sexual Harassment.
Attempted suicide.