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Without artificial aids humans will experience rapid breathing at what elevation?
10,000 feet
Without artificial aids humans will experience unconsciousness followed by death at what elevation?
25,000 feet
As elevation increases what happens to the oxygen content of the atmosphere?
It decreases.
Pressurizing the cabin of an A/C serves what purpose?
It allows crew and passengers a breathable amount of oxygen.
Where is pressurized air for the cabin derived from?
Engine compressors.
Before being entered into the cabine what processes the air that the engine compressors produced?
Pneumatic and air conditioning systems.
At what level will the automatic cabin pressure control system maintain the cabin pressure?
About 7.46 pounds per square inch differential pressure.
How many air conditioning systems does the A/C have?
Where does the starboard air conditioning system supply pressurized/conditioned air to?
Where does the Port side air conditioning system supply pressurized/conditioned air to?
Flight compartment.
Can the two air conditioning systems interchange the locations they supply air to?
Both air conditioning systems operate from what?
The port and starboard (respectfully) engine bleed air.