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What is the purpose of JOSAC?
established as the continental US operational scheduling authority or activity
What is the purpose of NALO?
Main scheduling authority of all NavRes C-130 airlifts and all overseas flights starting or ending in the continental US.
Why is Instrument Training necessary for operational profiency?
When the purpose of the flight is to train for instrument training.
What is the purpose of NATOPS Refresher Training?
Designed to test the profiency of the pilot when traveling to various locations.
What is the purpose of a Functional Check Flight (FCF)?
After completion of A/C rework.
Completion of a phase d inspection cycle.
Reinstallation of an engine.
Reinstallation of fuel system components.
If an A/C has not been flown does it need a FCF performed?
Yes, regardless of the reason.
An evaluation flight to check the general instrument or all weather instrument operations when performed on an actual flight is known as what type of evaluation?
A NATOPS Instrument Evaluation.
Logistics flight include what situations?
To transport military and civillian personnel to new employment locations.
Transport mail or gaurd mail (w/ or w/out couriers)
Admistrative flights include what situations?
Military/civillian personnel for inspections, conferences..etc.
Troop support. (Battle casualities/rescue)
What are two type of line flights?
Administrative and Logistics transport flights.
How many months do aircrew candidates have to complete their qualifications?
18 months.
Aircrew training is divided into how many phases?
Phase 1 Aircrew training consists of what?
Review and completion of selected lesson guides.
Phase 2 Aircrew training consists of what?
Specialized instruction, training flights, positional JQR's and recommendations for qualifications.
Phase 3 Aircrew training consists of what
Evaluation flight, testing and oral questioning.
Phase 4 Aircrew training consists of what?
Recurrent training required after qualification.
How often often are NATOPS evaluation flights performed?
Annually or upon initial qualification or upgrade.
If an evaluator finds that the TAC is incopetent or otherwise incapacitated what actionis he allowed to take?
To assume comand after notifying the TAC and crew of his decision.
If an evaluator finds a crew member deficient what is the first step that should be taken?
He will notify the TAC.
Once being notified of a crew members deficiency what should the TAC then do?
At the TAC's discretion he can relieve the crew member and assign their duties to the instructor until the problem is resolved or a replacement crew member is obtained.
If a crew member has to be relieved what actions must be taken administatively?
A full report will be created and submitted to the CO and CFLSW.
What are the duties of the Transport Aircraft Commander (TAC)?
He commands the A/C.
Also the Mission Commander
Responsible for safety and orderly conduct of the flight.
What is a Transport Second Pilot (TSP)?
A pilot that is still in training.
What minimum number of flight hours must a TSP have to upgrade to a TAC?
During training, where will the TSP train from?
Pilot's seat.
How must all aircrew positions be designated?
In writing by the CO or other competent authority.
What is a Transport Third Pilot (T3P)?
A pilot that has never flown a C-9 A/C.
During training, where will the T3P train from?
Co-pilot's seat.
Only after completing all of the requirements for T3P, he/she must complete how many flight hours?
100 and only then will he/she be considered for T2P.
What are the duties of the Crew Chief (CC)?
Supervises the enlisted crew in the performance of their duties.
Responsible to the TAC for preflight, servicing and normal en route servicing.
What is the purpose of the Load Master (LM)?
Ensures the weight and balance data is ready for the TAC's signature before takeoff.
What position does the LM also normally hold?
Senior Flight Attendant.
Who is responcilbe to the TAC for the safe loading of all cargo and baggage/
Load Master (LM)
Who is responsible for passenger comfort and safety?
Flight Attendants (FA)
Who is responsible for ensuring the emergency equipment needed in the cabin is properly installed/stowed before flight/
Flight Attendant (FA)
The Flight Attendants are responsible to whom for all activities within the cabin.
As directed by the TAC.
At what time does crew rest begin and end?
It starts when they depart the A/C after post flight duties and ends upon show time.
At home base, how long is crew rest?
Normally 12 hours?
On a Return Over Night (RON) mission, how long is crew rest?
At least 12 hours.
If a mission lasts longer that the 13-14 hour crew duty limits how much crew rest must be afforded?
The same amount of time the mission was extended. (15 hour mission equals 13 hours of crew rest.)
When must the crew be given 18 hours of rest?
When the detachment is a transoceanic flight that crosses 3 time zones and remains in theater foradditional tasking.
When does crew duty begin and end?
Begins at show time and ends at block in on the final leg of the day.
In theater operations what are the crew duty hours?
A 14 hour crew duty can be extended to 15 hours by who?
The CO, XO or OIC (INCONUS) can extend the 14 hour crew duty to how long?
16 hours.
When overseas who can extend crew duty and how long?
Detachment OIC.
16 hours.
During theater operations if the show time is from 1401-0659 how long can the crew duty be extended and by who?
13 hours can be extended to 14 hours by the TAC.
During transoceanic issions to of from another theater of operation except in Bremuda or the Caribbean what are the show times, crew duty extensions and authorization required?
0700-1400: 16 hours..not extendable.
1401-0659: 13 hours..extendable to 14 hour by the TAC.
The TAC or parent comand can only extend crew duty for how many days?
3 days consecutively.
On the 4th (or more) day the crew duty has been extended who must authorize the extension?
Commander, Fleet Logistics Support Squadron (CFLSW) Operations.
To whom shall ALL crew duty extensions be reported to?
Wing Operation or the wing Duty Officer.
Within what timeframe should crew duty extensions be reported?
72 hours.
By what means should crew duty extensions be reported to the wing?
Quickest or most convenient method. (Phone, Fax, Memo,E-mail)
At what point in time will crew currency be satisfied?
When at least 6 flight hours a month has been completed.
What does EOC stand for?
Equipment Operational Capability
What are EOC codes used on a VIDS/MAF?
They determine the mission capability of an item noted on a MAF.
If an A/C has a gripe such as a faulty windshield wiper motor, what EOC code will be annotated on the MAF.
Partial Mission Capability. (PMC)
What are the 3 EOC codes?
Full Mission Capable (FMC)
Partial Mission Capable (PMC)
Non Mission Capable (NMC)
What is the purpose of the On Site Storeroom?
To maintain and manage an on-hand inventory of parts.
Who provides a list of personnel authorized to assign requisition priorities to the contractor of the OSS?
The cognizant Maintenance Officer (MO).
When does the contractor of the OSS provide service?
7 days except on observed holidays.
When are the OSS contractors on call?
For PMC or (NMCS)NMC Supply parts.
What is done with the parts removed from the A/C during the course of maintenance?
They are exchanged for servicable like items.
How are parts requisitioned from the OSS contractor?
With a copy of the generated VIDS/MAF.
If a part is needed for the A/C when overseas who notifies homebase of the need?
A/C Comander.
How are needed parts delivered to overseas locations?
By fastest means available, commercial or government.
What does SDLM stand for?
Standard Depot Level Maintenance
What purpose does SDLM serve?
Provides inspections of A/C structures, Flight systems, critical defect corrections, preventive maintenance and modifications.
SDLM performs technical directive incorporation as defined by what instruction?
The C9B A/C are currently on what SDLM cycle?
60 month.
What is SDLM often referred to as?
"Overhaul Maintenance"
What does MTI stand for?
Mid Term Inspection
What is the cycle for MTI's?
30 months.
What is the purpose of the MTI?
To correct or inspect special rework items as noted on the MTI Special Work Request.
What is the form number of the MTI Special Rework Request?
OPNAV Form 4790/65
How are special work items listed?
In order of priority.
Are unincoporated depot level technical directives included in the MTI/
What does DIM stand for?
Drop In Maintenance.
What is DIM?
When maintenance is beyond the capability of the orginizational maintenance level contractor support is utilized.
Where is DIM normally performed?
At the depot facility.
What type of tasks are usually done at DIM?
Modernization maintenance, modifications, conversions and in-service repairs.
What does FTA stand for?
Field Team Assistance
What is the purpose of FTA?
It is Airframe or Engine Depot Contractor support when the maintenance is beyond the orginizational level.
What is the maintenance requirements for work center 110 (Power Plants)?
They perform O-level maintenance on powerplants (engines) and engine related components.
In the C9 community what other component does the W/C 110 work on?
The APU.
What is the numerical designation for the Airframes Department?
W/C 120
What is the mission of W/C 120?
To perform maintenance on the structural components of the A/C.
What work center is responsible for the Hydraulic Contamination Control Program?
W/C 120
What work center is responsible for the Tire and Wheel Maintenance Safety Program?
W/C 120
What work center is responsible for the Corrosion Prevention and Control Program?
W/C 120
What is the numerical designation for the Aviation Life Support System Work Center?
W/C 130
What does the W/C 130 do?
They maintain the A/C survival gear and environmental systems and aircrew clothing.
What work center is responsible for the Aviation Breathing Oxygen Program?
W/C 130
What work center is responsible for the Ordinance Certification Program?
W/C 130
What is the numerical designation of the Avionics Work Center?
W/C 210/200
What is the job of the W/C 210/200?
Maintains the electrical and electronic equipment on the A/C.
What work center is responsible for the Electrostatic Discharge Safety Program?
W/C 210/200
What is the numerical designation of the Line Work Center?
W/C 310
What does the Line W/C do?
Maintain and inspect aeronautical equipment.
What work center is responsible for the Fuel Surveillance Program?
W/C 310
What work center provides Plane Captains, trouble-shooters and SE Coordinators?
W/C 310
What work center is responsible for the FOD Program?
W/C 310
What work center is responsible for Plane Captain training?
W/C 310
What work center is responsible for the SE Operator Training and Licensing Program?
W/C 310