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Things found in nature that plants and animals use to survive
natural resources
Name two examples of natural resources
food, oil
Resources that are used faster than they can be replaced
nonrenewable resources
Name two examples of nonrenewable resources
fossil fuels, minerals (such as Bauxite, which is used to make aluminum)
Resources that can be replaced at the same rate at which they are used (as long as they are used wisely!)
renewable resources
Name three renewable resources
trees, fish, plants
Nonrenewable energy resources that formed from the remains of plants and animals that died millions of years ago
fossil fuels
Name three examples of fossil fuels
natural gas, oil, coal
Resources that cannot be used up
inexhaustable resources
Name three examples of inexhaustible resources
wind, sun, water
Processing materials again to make new products
Using materials or products again
Using less of a meterial for a certain purpose
The practice of using resources wisely
When the amount of a resource that is available decreases, approaching the point where it will no longer be usable
Water from rain or snow that sinks into the earth and is stored there
What are the three main purposes for which water is used?
agriculture, industry and household
What are the main purposes for which land is used?
farming, forests, mining, industry, and housing
The addition of any unwanted substances into the air
air pollution
Air pollution can be caused naturally by
erupting volcanoes and forest fires
Air pollution can be cause by humans by
burning fuel, driving on dirt and gravel roads, using certain cleaning products, and industrial pollution
An unwanted substance added to the air, water or land
A colorless, odorless, poisonous gas made up of carbon and oxygen
carbon monoxide
A molecule of oxygen that contains three atoms of oxygen
When ozone is in the lower atmosphere it is a ___________ that may make it hard for some people to breathe
Rain containing acids formed when air pollutant react with water vapor
acid rain
A different way to produce something (such as electricity) that does not use up natural resources
alternative energy resources
What are two examples of alternative energy resources?
solar power and wind power
What is an example of an air pollutant?
What is an example of a water pullutant?
What is an example of a land pollutant?
Name three examples of what creates air pollution
cars, electricity, factories