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Continental Drift
Continental puzzle
Fossil organisms
Matching fossils
Rock Types and structures
glacial deposits
Ancient Climates
Wegner caleld Earth's ancient supercontinent what
Similar mountain chains run through eastern North America and the British Isles are what
rock types and structures
Land areas that show evidence of ancient glaciation are now located near the equator are what
ancient climates
The Atlantic coastlines of South America and Africa fit together are what
matching fossils
What evidence for continental drift includes several fossil organisms found on different landmasses
is it true if the continents existed as Pangaea, the rocks found in a particular region on one continent should closely match in age and type those in adjacent positions on the adjoining continent
What is one objection that critics had about Wegner's continental drift hypothesis
Wegner could not propse a mechanism capable of moving the continents
It is true or false that most scientists in Wegner's time supported his continental drift hypothesis
It is trye or flase that Wegner propsed that during continental drift, larger continents broke through the oceanic crust
By 1968, data collected about the ocean floor, earthquake activity, and the magnetic field led to a new theory called
plate tectonics
The new theory that replaced Wegner's hypothesis explained most geologic processes, including the formation of