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What group of organisms, some of which were preserved as fossils in early Paleozoic rocks are still in exsistence today?
Think in terms of dinosaurs
Which two New York landscape regions are formed mostly of surface bedrock that is approximately the same geologic age?
Tug Hill Plateau amd St. Lawrence Lowlands
Look at reference tables
Which mantle hot spot is at a plate boundary like the one shown in this diagram?
Galapagos Hot Spot
reference tables
Which type of rock was percipitated from seawater as the Mediterranean Sea evaporated between 8 million years ago and 5.5 million years ago?
Rock Salt
Look at the words in the question! The answer is in there.
At the end of the ice age, the valley now occupied by Cayuta Creek was a channel for southward flowing glacial meltwater. Into which present-day river did this meltwater likely flow?
Susquehanna River
Long name