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The transfer of heat by direct contact between two objects is?
The transfer of heat by electromagnetic waves is?
Latent heat given off by a substance as it changes from a liquid to a gas is called heat of?
In thermodynamics, the amount of disorder in a system is called?
The first law of thermodynamics states that the total of the mass and energy in a system is?
The process of a gas returning to the liquid state is called?
A device that measures the change in the thermal energy of a material is called?
Name the three factors affecting the amount of thermal energy of an object.
1.Temperature of the object
2.Mass of the object
3. Specific heat of the substance
How do the molecules of an object move as the object is heated?
more rapidly
What is the term for the amount of heat that must be added to a certain mass of a particular substance in order to raise its temperature by 1 degree?
specific heat
What temperature scale assigns the value of 0 degrees to the freezing point of water and 100 degrees to the boiling point?
What is the most scientific principle showing the necessity for an act of creation?
the second law of thermodynamics
What is the "hidden" heat absorbed or released when a substance undergoes a change of state?
latent heat
When a liquid changes into a solid, the temperature at which this occurs is called
freezing point
Heat does not exist unless ________ is being transferred.
thermal energy
What do we call a special state of matter that exists where temperatures are too high for matter in its ordinary state to exist?
The transfer of heat through moving fluids is called?
the temperature scale which measures absolute temperature
The internal energy of an object due to the random motions of its individual molecules is known as?
thermal energy
Liquids which evaporate rapidly are said to be?
The quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree C; based on the specific heat of water
A device that measures temperature is called?
a thermometer
The branch of physics that deals with heat energy is called?
The point at which the amount of liquid water changing into a gas equals the amount of water vapor returning to the liquid state
The heat required to change a given mass of a solid already at its melting point into a liquid without changing its temperature is called the heat of_____________?