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Nerve supply of pinna/ auricle

1.Auriculotemporal N

2.Greater auricular N

3.Lesser occipital N

4.Auricular branch of vagus N

5.Few fibre of facial N

Nerve supply of lateral surface of pinna

1.(Upper 1/3 )Auriculotemporal N

2.(Lower 2/3) Greater auricular N

3.Concha by fibres of 10th & 7th N

Nerve supply of medial surface of pinna / aurical

1.Lesser occipital N ( Upper 1/3)

2.Greater auricular N (Lower 2/3)

3.Fibres of 7th & 10th N

Nerve supply of anterior wall & roof of external auditory canal / meatus

Auriculotemporal N

Nerve supply of posterior wall & floor of external auditory canal

1.Auricular branch of vagus(Arnold's N / Aldermann's N)

2.Fibres of facial N ( Wrisberg N) thru fibre of vagus

Auricuotemporal N is branch of

Mandibular branch of trigeminal N

Greater auricular N is branch of

C2 ,C3

Nerve supply of anteroinferior part of tympanic membrane (laterally)

Auriculotemporal nerve

Nerve supply of posterosuperior part of tympanic membrane(laterally)

Auricular branch of Vagus N

Nerve supply of medial surface of tympanic membrane

Tympanic branch of glossopharyngeal N (Jacobson N)

Nerve supply of middle ear

Tympanic plexus

Nerve supply of middle ear

Tympanic plexus

Tympanic plexus is formed by

1. Tympanic branch of glossopharyngeal N

2. Superior and inferior Carotympanic nerves

(Sympathetic plexus around internal carotid)

Relationship of middle external auditory canal