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the purpose of a bridle

holds the bit in place

how many fingers should be able to be placed between the throat and the horses jaw


this goes on so theres no rashing

saddle blanket or pad

how far should the bit stick out on the side of the horses mouth


when bridling a horse what goes in your right hand before you start to put the bridle on?

crown peice

what is the girth called on a western saddle


when dismounting you should keep the slack out of the rein

to maintain control

rider wants the feel the movement of the horse

english saddle

were should the saddle go

just behind the withers

goes up and down when a forelimb is lame

the head

at what gait is lameness best observed?


both reins should be in what hand when riding?


what is the neck of the horse used as?

balance arm

Ball of the foot on the stirrup treads helps the rider

absorb the shock

what is conformation

the physical appearance of a animal due to the arrangement of muscle, bone and other body tissue