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Which of the following is NOT related to a cell's ratio of surface area to volume?
a)cell size
b)rate of growth
c)number of nuclei
d)efficiency of cell oxygen
e)efficiency of cell nutrients
c. number of nuclei

(has to do with mitosis)
Which family of proteins regulate the timing of the cell cycle?
Which of the following is NOT a stage in mitosis?
e. interphase

the "in-between" period between growth and division
_____ is the process of cytoplasmic division.
_____ is the process of the division of the cell nucleus.
If a cell has 15 chromosomes, how many chromosome will each of its daughter cells have after mitosis?
15 chromosomes
Sister chromatids are attached to each other at an area called the ______.

(meaning from part of)
What phrase of mitosis is where chromosomes are most visible?
External regulators direct cells to ________________.
speed up or slow down the cell cycle
How does a cell's DNA limit the cell's size?
DNA is limited as to how much information it can transmit; once it reaches it's limit, the cell must divide.
How are cell volume, cell surface area and the ratio of the two related.
As a cell grows, its volume will increase faster than its surface area. Once the ratio of surface area to volume reaches a maximum, the cell must divide.
What is the relationship between interphase and cell division?
Interphase is the period of cell growth right before cell division.
Summarize interphase.
Interphase consist of:
1. G1 - cell growth
2. S - DNA copied
3. G2 - prepare for mitosis
Why is it important that cell growth in a multicellular organism be regulated so closely?
Uncontrollable growth can cause serious medical problems in an organism.
Describe the similarities and differences in a cancer cell and normal cell.
They both have the same type of cell division process, but the cancer cell's division is not regulated.
What phase?
Centrioles separate.
What phase?
Two nucleus envelopes form.
What phase?
The individual chromosomes move apart.
What phase?
The nucleolus disappears and the nuclear envelope breaks down.
If a particular type of cell completes one cell cycle in 75 minutes, and you start with one cell, how many cells would be present after 7.5 hours.
7.5 hrs x 60 = 450 min
450/75 = 6
How do external regulators respond to events outside of the cell?
Regulators will slow down the cell cycle if the environment is crowded, and speed the cycle up when space allows.
Do all cells in the body have the same growth rate? Give examples.
No, body cells have different life spans. Cell in the lining of the stomach live only for a few days, while nerve cells can live much longer.
Describe a situation in the human body that would cause an increase in the rate of cell division, followed by a return to the normal rate of division.
An injury or surgery would cause certain body cells to speed up the cell cycle in order to replace injured or missing cells.
The M Phase is also known as ___.
What phase of mitosis takes the longest period of time?