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Coverage E added

Additional living expense - to maintain normal living standard while dwelling is being repaired

Dp2 named perils

Fire, lightning and WHARVES. BMW built into DP - 2

Additional perils - not in DP - 1

Collapse caused by certain perils

Accidental discharge of water

Damage from freezing of plumbing

Burgular damage to premises

Objects falling

Breakage of glass

Bulging of steam or hot water heat

Ice, snow or sleet - weight of

Electrical damage from

Florida mandatory endorsement

Catastrophic Ground Cover Collapse

Other coverages

Same as DP - 1 difference is rios - rental, improvement, other structure and shrubs.


Replacement cost - coverage A & B only - pays new for old if property insured for 80 percent of replacement cost

Building ordinance

Automatic on DP 2 & 3 for building owner - 10 % of A, for building owner - 10 % of B for tenant - 10 % of improvement limit applies