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How many days does a dwelling have to be vacant before vandalism is no longer covered?
60 days
Debris removal, improvements/alterations/additions, and other structures are all examples of what?

other coverages
Computer software, hobby aircraft, and canoes are covered under which dwelling policy coverage?

Coverage C - Personal Property
How many days does an insurer have to make a payment, after the proof of loss is submitted?
60 days
How long will a dwelling policy pay for a loss of use due to civil authority?

2 weeks
Falling object coverage will pay damages to the interior. But, only if....
the exterior is damaged first
Which dwelling policy coverage provides compensation for loss of rental income?

Coverage D
Which dwelling policy coverage forms cover internal explosion?

All of them
The dwelling policy will cover outdoor equipment. But, only if....

it is used to service the described location.
What must be added to an ISO policy form to make the policy conform to a particular state's renewal/cancellation provisions?

a special provisions endorsement
Which of the dwelling policy coverage forms pay replacement cost for the dwelling?

DP-2 and DP-3
What stipulations must be met before broad theft coverage can be added to the dwelling policy?
The dwelling must be owner-occupied.
How long does removal coverage last?

30 days
Which coverage applies to garages?

Coverage B
What is automatic increase and how is it added to the policy?

It provides an annual increase in insurance coverage to offset the effects of inflation. It is added by endorsement.
Which coverage pays for additional living expenses after a covered loss?

Coverage E
What is the dwelling policy limit on silverware?

How is a loss settled under a DP-1 policy?

What is the major difference between a dwelling policy and a homeowners policy?
A dwelling policy does not include liability.
If a policy has been in effect for less than 60 days, how many days notice must be given before cancellation?

10 days

Which dwelling policies cover breakage of glass?

DP-2 and DP-3
Which dwelling form covers the land on which the property is located?

None of them. Land is not covered.
Which dwelling coverage form provides theft coverage for personal property?

None of them, unless endorsed.
What is the limit for Coverage E - Additional living expense?
10% of coverage C