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Local Integration

linked to sovereignty.

Depends on refugee's level of attachment (Hathaway)

Second-most favourable option

Issues are socio-cultural

Integration not always favourable


Last resort.

- UNHCR supervisory role. Cannot force states to 'take' Refugees for resettlement.

resettling in a 3rd country because 1st country doesnt offer local integration and repatriation is not an option

- lengthy process requring inter-cooperation state to state and UNHCR, IOM facilitation

Priority given to vulnerable and children

Substantial protection provided

Lebanon: After 6 months lebanese authorities asks syrian refugees to pay so UNHCR gives status to enable resettlement. Once resettled to the US however, refugees are re-screened

as opposed to Sweden who just takes refugees

Voluntary Repatriation

Most favourable option.

- Should be facilitated - not promoted (bordering forced)

- must be complete choice of refugee

- Safe country? Decided by refugee and host country

- UNHCR facilitates as part of mandate

linked to cessation - If conditions change you must go back - it is not voluntary repatriation

Is voluntary repatriation achievable?

- Human Rights must be considered

- May take too long for country to be re-build

- Hathaway: Solution oriented approach: Northern states should pay southern states to take on refugees

- Should the country be assesed objectively? (No: Impractical and violates convention) Hathaway yes - clear criteria and no longer than 5 yrs before repatriation

Duty of the state

States do not have a duty to grant asylum. They have a duty to enable and facilitate a fair application.

They only have an obligation to their own citizens - right to return.